The History of St. Mary’s Girl’s SHS and the Origin of ACASMA

Saint Mary’s Girl’s SHS

St Mary Senior High School at Korle Gonnor in Accra was established on 6th February 1950 by two dedicated Catholic missionary sisters and Servants of the Holy Spirit. The school started with just ten girls and a staff of two reverend sisters namely, the late Rev. Sisters Jane and Rosette.

The school has academic ties with Accra Academy, which is seen as the brother school of St. Mary’s School. This tie is aimed at promoting intellectual development between students of both institutions, the sharing of social gatherings and entertainment.

ORIGIN OF ACASMA (Accra Academy and St. Mary’s Alliance)

ACASMA is a non-governmental organization formed by the Accra Academy SHS and the St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, now St. Mary’s Senior High School.

ACASMA (Accra Academy and St. Mary’s Alliance)

Prior to this collaboration, the Accra Academy was affiliated to the Aburi Girls Senior High School and later to the Accra Girls Senior High School while the St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School was affiliated to the St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School. There was a nationwide teacher strike in the 1970s and some Accra Academy students who were capable of learning the school curricula on their own offered lessons free of charge to their colleagues in Accra Academy and St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School.

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The goodwill demonstrated by these students from the Accra Academy won the admiration of staff and students of the St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School and resulted in the formation of the alliance to foster stronger ties between both secondary educational institutions.

The group’s slogan is A mark of intellectual friendship; however, it formerly used to be: “obaaworbleoo.” ACASMA is not presently set up at the national level and as such the highest recognised to set up of the group is at the tertiary level.


Some tertiary institutions in which the group has been formed and has an active membership include the University of Ghana, the University of Cape Coast, and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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