The ‘Razor-sharp’ Reza: A Profile of NSMQ 2003 Champion Reza Abdullah

Reza describes himself as a “proud husband and girl dad, engineer at heart, sports enthusiast, and Logical thinker”.

On the journey to establish itself as the “school to beat” PRESEC, Legon has managed to successfully dominate the NSMQ since winning for the first time in 1995. After nearly 10 years since their first Championship win, PRESEC, Legon clinched their second title in 2003, churning out NSMQ legends Reza Abdullah, Michael Gbikpi and Elorm Sekyi in the process.

Reza Abdullah (centre) and his PRESEC – Legon Teammates during their NSMQ 2003 Semifinal Contest versus Achimota School

17 years after taking his school to its 2nd NSMQ trophy, Reza’s love for science has carved a successful career as an Applications Engineer with Texas Instruments in the USA. The member of PRESEC Legon’s victorious NSMQ 2003 team is currently a proud husband and father of 3 little girls. 

Life After NSMQ

After the tinsel and pageantry of his NSMQ victory, Reza obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at KNUST, Kumasi. While there, he won a fellowship to pursue a masters degree at Texas A&M University, sponsored by Texas Instruments. He went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, TX in the USA where he began specializing in Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits.

Reza in Grad School at Texas A & M University, USA

Career Path

Reza joined Texas Instruments Inc (TI) in Dallas Texas as a Validation Engineer after graduating from TAMU. He is an expert at designing and implementing test solutions for Mixed Signal integrated circuits such as data converters and power regulators using a varied skilled set from circuit design to programming and data analysis. 

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He currently works as an Applications Engineer with TI where he helps customers solve their product design issues using TI products.

Reza with his wife and 3 daughters on holiday
Reza with his wife and 3 daughters on holiday

Personal Life 

His passion for science is closely matched by his love for sports, with Reza showing keen interest in sporting disciplines and leagues such as the NBA, NFL, soccer, tennis and many others.

Aside his enthusiastic passion for sports, Reza also works with a group of fellow Ghanaians at TI and alumni of KNUST to spur interest and encourage the study of electronics at the ECE department of KNUST

As part of that effort, an Electronics Fan Club was formed at KNUST, with Reza serving as a remote mentor to the club, suggesting project ideas and helping with technical issues they encounter.

Catch the 3rd Episode of #NSMQLiveChat with Reza on Instagram tomorrow Saturday 20th June at 6pm. Join in via Instagram and share any questions you may have about his days as a ‘brilla’ boy, college and career advice.