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Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes It may have made its way through theaters around the world last year, but now Dragon Ball Super The manga has begun its official adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes Feature film with the latest chapter of dragon ball Mango! The Dragon Ball Super manga began releasing a special prequel arc that led up to the events of the Dragon Ball Super manga Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes Last year, featuring teen Goten and Trunks in the title role. But as the beginning of the previous sequel ends with the final moments of the previous chapter, it’s time to dive into the film’s story in its entirety.

Dragon Ball Supers manga officially launched the Super Hero arc of the series by taking it on a grand scale Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes film. Chapter 91 picks up the events of the beginning of the feature film, but it’s already starting to reveal the smaller changes the manga will make in order to keep this new experience for fans over the next year of releases. But it all starts with release Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91, which you can find for free through Viz Media’s Shonen Jump digital library:

What to know Super Dragon Ball Super Hero Arch

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 begins just like that Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes Do. The focus is over on Goten and Trunks as Piccolo and Gohan take center stage against the main threats this time around. Dr. Hido is approached by the final remnants of the Red Ribbon Army, and is inspired to build heroic androids to battle what have been seen as a threat to Earth such as the “Demon King” Piccolo, Goku, and many of the usual Z-characters. Allied fighters.

There are already some changes expanding on material that fans have likely already seen Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes, And Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 shows how the manga is likely to be able to flesh out some moments that fans of the movie might want to see more of. With a cliffhanger that leads to the first major battle in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes, We’ll soon see what the Dragon Ball Super manga does with this story.

How do you feel about the Dragon Ball Super adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero manga? What do you hope to see in this new arc? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!

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