Third-year students masterminded riots at Tumu Senior High Technical School (TSHTS)

The former third-year students from the Tumu TSHTS were recognized on May 23, 2019, as masterminds of the strike and riots which engulfed the school.

All students who have caused the destruction and other personal damages of school property have been fined a total amount of GHc110.80. Students Form Ones and TWos have to cover the costs of damages each of which is GHc69.46 and was at Ghc96,932.00.

It was included in a committee report set up to investigate the disturbances, it reported that there was a “high degree of disunity” among teachers, which energized the students to cause the strike.

Mr.Karim Nanyua, Chairman of the Sissala East Municipal Education Committee, presented the Committee’s findings to the authority of the school on the weekend.

The results showed that some of the staff’s alleged’ misuse of their female colleagues’ was a distant explanation of why students in the final year rioted and pressured their juniors under duress to engage in it.

The report suggested that the behaviour of certain teachers affected the school’s academical performance and reassigned four teachers with Basic Education Certificates “unqualified” teaching.

Another 17 teachers with a qualification without a background on the subject were also asked to re-align themselves or to send them to schools where their services were necessary.

In the 25-page report, 13 other qualified teachers were identified as non-performing teachers and school authorities were encouraged to sign a reform treaty.

Moreover, the report also found seven teachers who had harassed school girls to be reassigned to the reposting office of the Ghana Education Service, while six teachers who had been in the school for a long time were recommended to be redeployed from the school.

Other acts included the elimination of telephones from the Senior Prefect of the school and the Girls ‘ Beautiful while the school and the Parent-Teacher Association took steps to develop a contact hub for all students to use.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality called on Mr Nanyua to assist all of the school in restoring its glory by raising the academic performance that he said declined.

The Municipal Chief Executive said “No one should consider the committee’s report as a” witch-hunt, “but its implementation would be within the confines of the country’s laws.

On 23 May 2019, school students locked up, cut electricity power and other utilities, destroyed and vandalized the properties of the school, including the bungalow of the headmaster while other people robbed gadgets and food.

Some 14 students have been arrested and some of them are on trial by the police.


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