Finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta and radio personality, Blakk Rasta

This is childish! – Blakk Rasta slams Ofori-Atta, praise-singing finance ministry staff –

Radio personality, Blakk Rasta, has chided the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta after the staff of his outfit gave him a hero’s welcome after reading the 2024 budget.

According to him, the staff do not have to give Ken Ofori-Atta a hero’s welcome because he has failed the nation, and also, for the fact that they are civil servants.

The radio personality indicated that it is a shame for civil servants to be taking such actions in the public domain and added that they did so to protect their jobs.

Speaking on the UrbanBlend show and monitored by GhanaWeb, Blakk Rasta called on Ken Ofori-Atta to focus on fixing the problems to stabilize the economy and not take such ‘childish’ initiatives.

“So is this how childish Ofori-Atta can be? Is this how childish our civil servants can be? Look how Ghanaians are dying night and day. Because of dialysis, we have killed several Ghanaians, all because they couldn’t pay some astronomical rates. We have killed our schoolchildren because we couldn’t provide some kind of water transport for them.

“And you look at the pictures and you see people who have gutted to hail a failed Finance Minister. These are people who are trying to protect their jobs. These are people who if they refuse to do this hero worship will lose their jobs. From a vindictive leader, it’s a shame,” said Blakk Rasta.

He continued: “China has found a way to grow cocoa in China. We haven’t found a way to grow apples in Ghana. What the heck is happening? The other day you were knocking on the doors of the IMF and the World Bank. All of a sudden, everything is peace and safety.”

His reaction comes after Ken Ofori-Atta was welcomed back to his office with a guard of honour following his presentation of the 2024 Budget and financial statement in parliament on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

The minister’s convoy pulled up to the premises of the ministry with staff lined up awaiting his arrival.

Amidst clapping and cheering, the minister alighted from his car beaming with smiles.



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