Top 12 Senior High Schools In Ghana With The Strongest Alliance Groups

Senior High Schools In Ghana
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Over the years, schools in Ghana have been bragging about who is the best and who is not. Under normal circumstance, comparisons between schools should have been about their G.E.S rankings, their performances on the national academic league table, positions at national science & math quizzes, and the facilities a school can boast of.

Unfortunately many people base their arguments on past glories, the number of successful old students the school has ever produced, and others base theirs’ on how wealthy or rich their old students are. Athletics, basketball and football head-to-head of two schools is also an important factor in determining which school is the best.

Today, we want to take a look at the schools in Ghana who can boast of their alliance with other schools as the best, or with the strongest bond. Schools alliance, popularly known as “Allia” on campuses are associations formed between two single-sex senior high schools by virtue of what they have in common. Be it the locations of two schools, academic performances, religious affiliations or something their special predecessors did together.

Schools alliance when formed, gives a healthy relationship between the students on campus and their old students in terms of exchange of ideas and getting business opportunities in the corporate world. People even meet their spouses or marriage partners through associations like these.

After witnessing the conducts of the schools with “Allia” in Ghana, we present to you our top 10 in NO order of importance:

  •  ACASMA [Accra Academy & St. Mary’s Girls]ACASMA is one of the strongest alliance groups in Ghana, it is combination of past and present students of Accra Academy Boys [Bleoo] and St. Mary’s Girl [Merries]. Together, they are called ACASMA because of the initials of both schools.
  • AKATASLOPSA [Owass – St. Louis]AKATASLOPSA is another strong schools alliance the Ashanti Region can boast of. Present and past students of Opoku-Ware [Akatakyie] and St. Louis Girls, make up this association. The name was derived from the names of their old students, Akatakyie and SLOPSA.
  • SANTA-MOGA [Adisadel College & Mfanstiman Girl’s]From the Central Region, we have SANTA-MOGA which is another strong alliance for past and present students of Adisadel College [Santaclausians] and Mfantseman Girls [ManSyte]. This group is very strong on various tertiary institutions in Ghana.
  •  APSAINTS [St. John’s Boys & Archbishop Poter Girls SHS]It is the only alliance group in the Western Region. APSAINTS is a combination of past and present students of St. John’s School [The Saints] and Archbishop Poter Girls  [Poterians]. This group was formed as a result of their religious affiliations; they are both Catholic schools.
  • MOBA-GEYHEY [Mfantsipim Boys & Wesley Girls High]Mfantsipim Old Boys Association [MOBA] and the beautiful damsels from Wesley Girls School also come together to form the MOBA-GEYHEY group. This alliance is also one of the best the country can boast of because of the schools involved; two top schools coming together
  • APSU-HOPSA [St. Augustine’s College & Holy Child College]The Apsunians from St. Augustine’s College and Hospans from Holy Child College also have APSU-HOPSA as an alliance group for their present and past students. Both schools are located in the Central Region and this association has a strong bond just like the others already mentioned.
  • POJOKRO [Pope John & Krobo Girl’s]Present and past students of Pope Johns School [Pojoba] and their conterparts from Krobo Girls School [Krogiss] also have an alliance called POJOKRO. This is the one one the strongest associations you can get in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
  • AMANADEHYE3 [Prempeh College & Yaa Asantewaa]Amanfour is a name given to the present and past students of Prempeh College. Adehye3 is also the name given to the present and past students of Yaa Asantewaa Girls School. The name of their alliance is self explanatory; AMANADEHYE which is a combination of Amanfuor and Adehye3. It is also one the best in the Ashanti Region.
  • KUHIS-KUGISS [Kumasi High & Kumasi Girls]Kumasi High School [Mmbrante3] and Kumasi Girls School [Ahemmaa] also have a strong alliance group called Kuhis – Kugiss, it can also be called Mmbrante3-Hemaa. They are both located in the Ashanti Region.
  • SPEROSA [St. Peter’s & St. Roses]The Perscoba Boys or Pescans are the names given to present and past students of St. Peters School in Kwahu. Thier sister-school is St. Roses in Akwatia, and together they are called SPEROSA.
  • PREGISS [Presec & Aburi Girls]Present and old boys from Presby Secondary School [Odade3] and Aburi Girls School [Abugiss] also have PREGISS as the name of their strong alliance group. Their group name sounds interesting though. It was formed as a result of their religious affiliation though different locations; Legon and Aburi.
  • STAAGA [St. Thomas Aquinas & Accra Girl’s]
    STAAGA is the name given to the present and past students of St. Thomas Aquinas [Old Tom] and that of Accra Girls [Agiss]. It is the last on our list but not the least in terms of bonding and togetherness of student alliance groups in Ghana.


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