Top 5 Oldest Senior High Schools in Ghana


As we already know that after one completes his or her Junior High School(JHS) level of Education in Ghana, the next level is the Senior High School(SHS).

At the S.H.S level Games, Sports and Quiz competitions are organized to bring students together and also decide the winner for the competition.

This has made most students of various schools boast of them being the best interms of academics, sports, games e.t.c. Although most students in various schools claim to be the best in terms of academics, games and sports, others also boast of their schools being the oldest in Ghana.

In this article, top 5 oldest schools have been indicated orderly.


Mfantsipim which have been known to be one of the best senior high schools is an all boys boarding secondary school at Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana. Many people or students know Mfantsipim to be one of the secondary schools in Ghana who are good interms of sports and academics but do not actually know the school is the first oldest school in Ghana nor to talk of they knowing the year it was established. The institution was established in the year 1876 which makes it the first oldest school because when you compare all the remaining secondary school’s years of establishment to Mfantsipim, it is no where near.

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Wesley Girls High School also known as”wey gey hey” is a single sex school(Girls school). The school is located at Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana and was started years ago by the wife of a Methodist minister with 25 girls. After Mfantsipim school, the second oldest school is the Wesley Girls High School since it was established in the year 1884.

3.Ghana Sec.Tech. School:

Ghana Secondary Technical School is a science and technology oreinted high school located at Takoradi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school is the third oldest school in Ghana after Wesley Girls High School since it was also established in the year 1909.

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Adisadel college popularly known as “ADISCO” is an Anglican boys boarding school in Cape Coast, Ghana. The institution was the first school in Ghana to establish a cadet corps and apart from it establishment of a cadet corps, it is also the fourth oldest school in Ghana after GHANA SEC. TECH. SCHOOL. It was established in the year 1910.


Accra High School also known as “AHISCO” is a mixed school(boys and girls) and has a uniform of black and white. The school is located at Accra, Ghana and was founded by Rev. James Thomas Robert and it is also the oldest school in Greater Accra but the fifth oldest school in Ghana. It was established in the year 1923.