TTU releases 2020/2021 Second Semester Academic Calendar

takoradi technical university photo via
takoradi technical university photo via

The academic calendar for the 2nd semester has been changed…again…sigh.

Upon the government’s instruction, all final year students have been told to go back to campus in order to finish up academic work.

Here is the new second semester academic calendar the university’s committee has revised and approved for final year students only:

Re-Opening DateMonday, 15th June, 2020
Lectures BeginTuesday 16th June, 2020
Deadline for Submission of Second Semester Examination Questions  Monday, 8th June, 2020
Mid-Semester Examination M.Tech and B.Tech. Programmes-HND, Professional Dip, Dip. Tech & Diploma  Assignments & Quizzes   Assignments & Quizzes
Lectures EndThu. 16th July, 2020
End of Second Semester Examination M.Tech and B.Tech. ProgrammesHND, Prof. Dip & Dip Tech & Diploma  Fri. 17th July to Sun. 26th July, 2020 Mon. 20th July to Fri.  31st  July, 2020
Students DepartSat. 1st August, 2020
Industrial Attachment Commences 
Deadline of Submission of Project WorkFri. 7th August, 2020
Deadline of Submission of Second Semester 2019/2020 Examination Result  Fri. 28th August, 2020
Departmental Award MeetingTue. 8th September, 2020
Faculty Award MeetingWed. 16th September, 2020
Re-sit Examination (2019/2020)Mon. 5th October, 2020
Re-Opening (2020/2021 Academic Year)Mon. 21st September, 2020
Deadline for Submission of Resit Examination Results (final years only)  Tue. 20th October, 2020

Looks like school is fully back in session, well for some of us at least.

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