UEW releases date for Mandatory Quizzes on Moodle LMS


In furtherance of the University’s goal of bringing the second semester to a logical conclusion by conducting teaching and learning on the Moodle platform, all Lecturers are requested to mandatorily conduct at least one form of a quiz on the platform anytime from Wednesday, April 29, 2020, through Thursday, May 7, 2020, EXCEPT Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

The measure seeks to: Ensure that all Lecturers meet the minimum number of continuous assessments required on assessment component of teaching and learning within the second semester; provide an opportunity for every Lecturer to formally experience how to conduct quizzes on the Moodle platform in order to facilitate an easy replication of the skills and experience during the mid-semester and end-of-semester examinations; and, to allow the IT Services Directorate to use the opportunity to resolve all outstanding issues relating to teaching and learning on the Moodle platform, especially before we conduct the mid-semester and end-of-semester examinations.

In this direction, we wish to further inform everyone that, to ensure compliance, the UEW-LMS Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (ULMEC), through the same Moodle system, will keep track of the participation of Lecturers in the mandatory quiz activities during the period.

Kindly note that Tuesday, May 5, 2020 has been set aside for a major pilot study on conducting examination on the Moodle LMS. On that day, only some purposely selected courses will be granted access to the platform.

Management, therefore, encourage Lecturers to conduct the mandatory quiz outside of the said day.

Finally, we highly commend Lecturers for upscaling their teaching and learning activities on the Moodle LMS in the last few weeks.

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