UG Balme Library to be Opened on June 15 to only Final Year Students

Re-opening of the Balme Library

The Balme Library of the University of Ghana will resume work on 15th June, 2020 as indicated in the Registrar’s Communique titled: ‘UG Strategy to safely resume on-site academic work in the midst of COVID 19’ dated 3rd June, 2020.

UG Balme Library

1. The Balme Library will open to the public at 8:30 am and close at 8:00 pm

2. The Balme Library will admit only final year students ie. Level 400 and Final year Post Graduate students.

3. Patrons are encouraged to come along with their valid University of Ghana Identification Cards.

4. The Balme Library will only accommodate 534 patrons while the 24-Hour Reading Room will accommodate 133 patrons.

5. All patrons should put down their contact details once they visit the Balme Library to make contact tracing possible should it become necessary.

6. Patrons are to observe all safety protocols established at the entrance, within and at the exit of the Library. Patrons should note that No Nose Mask, No Entry into the Balme Library.

7. Social Distancing of at least 1 meter must be adhered to at all times in the Balme Library.

8. To avoid over-crowding in the Balme Library, patrons are encouraged to use the Library’s e-resources and platforms often when there is no need to physically use the library.

9. All final year students ie. Level 400 and Final year Post Graduate students who have library books in their possession are encouraged to submit them to the library by the end of June 2020 to avoid any sanctions.


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