UG: ‘Dean of Students should allow the student front work’ – Judicial Board Justice 

Justice of the University of Ghana SRC Judicial Board, A. S. Kafui has lamented the interference of the Dean of Students’ Affairs in the Board’s decisions, what he says has impeded their work.

He explained that since they came into office, Professor Godfred Bokpin has stepped in their duties severally and also disrespected their decisions, leaving members of the Judicial Board unperturbed to cases that demands its attention.

He mentioned that those actions from the external forces has rendered the Board irrelevant in executing its core mandate, for which reason he is calling for the dissolution of the Board.

“I have been on the Judicial Board for quite some time now and will be truthful to you, I feel like I have not done anything because whatever I have done one way or the other has not sufficed. And it is sad you know if for any reason the Judicial Body that is supposed to check the executive, legislature is redundant more like they refuse to make any impact in the system, then what is the use of having the judiciary; they should dissolve us,” he said.

The Dean of students’ Affairs, Professor Bokpin stated in an interview on Leadership Focus that members of the SRC General Assembly have ignored their core duty to serve students’ interests, as they follow orders from their political affiliates.

According to him, the Student Representative Council disregarded an online electioneering process suggested by him for which he says would have been a better option.

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In response to how the University of Ghana’s SRC constitution can be reinstated to its autonomous state, Justice Kafui strongly opined that the SRC constitution can be amended where necessary and should be made independent, devoid of any political influence.

For him, the Office of the Dean of Students does not have any autonomous power of any kind to restrict the implementation of any law passed by the Judicial Board, irrespective of the law’s severity.

“If the Dean feels there is any input as to why the law should not be bad, the SRC Constitution can always be amended. If I’m not thinking right, I know there’s been a new constitution that has been in the General Assembly for three years now. Even if the law is bad that is the law and I will say it, for any reason whatsoever the administrative duties of the office of the Dean of student does not curtail the law.”

He is therefore entreating the Dean of Students to allow the student front to work to their maximum capacity.

Story by: David Kofi Asante |