UG Legon Pent Hall residents petitions Hall Management over new Hostel Prices

University of Ghana yesterday approved a double-track calendar for the 2020/2021 academic year. The proposed initiative is tandem to the deadly coronavirus pandemic as the academic quality is likely to be affected.

It may be recalled that in August 2020, Ghana Hostels Limited, popularly known as ‘’PENT’’ opened residential application portal to the general public for clients engagement. It is required of every applicant after the successful reservation of room to make payment in a space of 24hours to secure a place lest they risk losing the room reserved.

Despite the economic recess hit by the country, Management of Ghana Hostels Limited announced an increase in hostel prices between 5.2% and 10%.

Following, residents of “Pent’ hall have petitioned management of Ghana Hostels Limited after the release of the 2020/2021 academic calendar to refund part of the monies paid to them as they will only be in School for Six weeks as compared to the previous years which was 13 weeks.

According to them, some hostels within and around the University halved their prices due to the severity impact of Covid-19 and shorten academic year.

“As it stands now there isn’t an acting JCR to address the issue for us, as it was in July 2020 but for the reason other hostels have quarter their prices, this will not stand’’, they stressed.

However, attempts to reach the Chief Executive Officer of the hall to have the matter contained did not materialize.

The aggrieved students are expected to meet the Academic Affairs Directorate of the University to have their audience expressed.

Ghana Hostels Limited in the University of Ghana Charges students’ between GHS2000, and GHS14,736.

By Emmanuel Fosu|

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