UG: Management insists on holding supplementary re-sit exams on-site

Management of the University of Ghana is determined to hold its supplementary re-sit examinations for first semester courses on-site despite complains by some students that the decision will be disadvantageous to many.

The Students Representative Council, in a petition to University management on the matter, among other things, said that the decision to hold the exam on campus will greatly affect students “whose location or place of residence is far from the capital.”

In their petition, they added that students, whilst transporting themselves to the campus of the University, put themselves at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

“This means they have to commute to campus to write a paper, two or more. The difficulty with this arrangement is that, it imposes additional cost of transportation on students and their parents. Not just that, the action of moving to campus will put the lives of these students on the line of a possible contraction of COVID-19,” part of the SRC’s petition reads.

But University authorities, reacting to these concerns by the students noted that the exams were introduced as a considerate measure to ensure that students were able to clear any outstanding courses, to enable them graduate in reasonable time without being unduly loaded or stressed.

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It added that the on-site mode for the exams was settled on in-line will the directive from President Akufo-Addo that educational institutions should reopen for final year students.

“Following the President of the Republic’s directive that final year students should return to school, to complete the academic year, Management approved the proposal for final year students to take their Supplementary Re-sit Examinations during the period,” part of a statement signed by the Acting Director of the Academic Affairs Director, Mrs. Christy Badu reads.

The statement adds that:

Out of magnanimity of Management, this approval was extended to all students with first Semester Course re-sits to enable such students clear the outstanding examinations.

For students who cannot make it to the campus of the University to partake in the exams, they have been asked to write to the Directorate for deferment of their exams.

“Any student who may not be comfortable with the safety and precautionary arrangements put in place by the University may opt out, after providing official notification of such, and take the examination at the next available opportunity”

Meanwhile, the University says that ‘given the prevailing circumstances, provision will be made for International Students to take the exams in real time, as their local counterparts, in their home countries.’

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School authorities have reiterated its committed to ensuring that its examinations are not compromised whilst securing the safety of members of the University community amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“The University of Ghana is committed to ensuring that the integrity of these examinations is not compromised, while at the same time securing the safety of students, staff and faculty. As earlier communication, the University as always, will abide by all prescribed COVID-19 protocols and would expect students who come to campus to do same,” the statement adds

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