UG: “We’re focused on GSLaw admission not how we graduate” – Law students president

Students at the University of Ghana Law School are more concerned about gaining admission into the Ghana School of Law and not the means by which they graduate.

This is according to the President of the University’s Law Student Union, Prosper Batariwah.

His comments, is in reaction to an arrangement by University management to hold a virtual graduation ceremony for final year students in the law school and some others in the medical school.

The virtual ceremony has been necessitated by the partial closure of schools and the risks of congregational activities because of Covid-19.

Speaking on the Campus Exclusive show, Prosper Batariwah said that members of the Union were more focused on admission into the Ghana Law School of Law which is a major step to their professional career if they are to be lawyers.

“In as much as graduation ceremony is important, I don’t think that for law students generally we attach this level of attention to graduation because after graduation, you have to go to the Ghana School of Law and it is your call to the bar which makes you a lawyer which is much more important. So for us graduation is something I will call a symbolic gesture of a sort, it is more of a familiarity” he said.

Responding to suggestions that their graduation ceremony could be deferred, he expressed that such a move will make it difficult to apply for admission into the Ghana School of Law.

He explained that it was prerequisite that law students obtain their certificates before successful entry to the Ghana School of Law.

“…that would not be prudent enough because there is a requirement that before you are admitted into the Ghana Law School, you must have graduated from your University and you need to have your law degree in order to go to the Ghana School of Law. If Graduation is not held early enough so that students have their certificates in order to be able to write the exams to see if they qualify to be admitted then we are going to have a dicey situation,” he explained

By Peter Otu | Radio Univers

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