#UGDecides: Korle-Bu, Jean Nelson to determine next president of UG SRC today


Barring any future legal battles involving the Electoral Commission of the University of Ghana, today’s re-election exercise at Jean Nelson Aka Hall and Korle-Bu campus polling stations will determine the winners in this year’s UG-SRC elections.

The elections were held across all 13 polling stations on Friday April 12 but the results of some four were annulled by the Electoral Commission.

The four polling stations included Commonwealth Hall polling station, Mensah Sarbah polling station, Jean Nelson Aka Hall polling station and the Korle-Bu campus polling station.

According to the Chairman of the EC, the nullification of the results in those polling stations was necessary due to cases of over-voting in some of the polling centers.

He added that technical difficulties and the subsequent resignation of the Electoral Commissioner at the Korle-Bu Campus necessitated the cancelling of results at that polling centre.

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However, in a Judicial Board hearing to determine whether it was constitutional for the University of Ghana SRC Electoral Commission to annul some of the polling results, the Judicial Board of the SRC ordered for fresh elections to be held at two of the polling stations РJean Nelson Aka Hall polling station and Korle-bu campus polling station.

In effect, the polling results of the Mensah Sarbah Hall polling station and Commonwealth Hall polling station, still hold.


As things stand now, Isaac Agyemang and his running mate, Louis Banahene are leading in the Presidential polls with over 300 votes ahead of their competitors, Julius Anthony and Kwaku Asante Bismark.

Denise Kagal is quite in a comfortable lead ahead of Winifred Duncan in the General Secretary race.

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For the Treasurer office, Perry Agyarko is leading although UniversNews is yet to get the results from the Mensah Sarbah Hall polling station where provisional results indicated that Sarbah Andam established a comfortable lead over Perry Agyarko and Delvin Addae.

This year’s situation with Korle-Bu campus and Jean Nelson Hall being the decider for the election is quite similar to last year’s occurrence where the Volta Hall became the Tain Constituency of University of Ghana students politics for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Story by: Jeffrey Nyabor|universnewsroom.com

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