UHAS SRC to appoint interim officers for 2020/2021 academic year

Following the inability of an election to be conducted to elect new executives for the University of Health and Allied Sciences’ Students Representative Council (UHAS-SRC), interim officers will be appointed to handle the affairs of students of the University.

The appointment will be done by the current SRC.

This was indicated in a statement signed by the Federal President of the UHAS SRC, Abraham Nortey.

He said that a report from the SRC Electoral Commission on the transitional plan for the SRC indicated that aspirants in the election did not approve for an online election to be held.

“The electioneering process of the SRC was brought to a halt during the break that saw all students return home until further notice. During this break, the SRC’s electoral Commission was busy finding ways to organize the election, in consultation with all candidates. Per the report made available by the Electoral Commission to my office, the candidates did not consent to online voting which was the only option at the time due to various reasons. Few suggestions were again made which were not feasible and in the end, the Electoral Commission wrote to the entire student body/parliamentary/executives notifying us that the commission cannot hold elections enumerating several reasons,” part of the statement reads.

Abraham Nortey added that:

Following the failure of elections, SRC had to resort to appointing Acting Executive Officers to steer the affairs of the Council unti such a time to elect the Executive Officers. THe SRC’s parliament voted in favor of the termination of the electoral process citing precise precedence.

Meanwhile, Abraham Nortey has assured that “the needful will be done and the students interest will be served.”

Story by: Kelly Adjetey Boye

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