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Who is Unkle Play?

Unkle Play was born on June 3,1987, in Bremerton, Washington and raised in N.Chicago & San Diego on the gritty streets of Northside Chicago & San Diego, surrounded by poverty, crime, and the constant struggle for survival.

Raised in a single-parent household, Unkle Play found solace in music, using it as an escape from the harsh realities of his environment. Growing up in the midst of gang violence and economic hardship, he quickly realized that music could be his ticket out.

Unkle Play is one versatile artist who uses his life experiences as his muse & motivation to create relatable content.. He learned to channel his energy & emotion through the expression of singing & rapping at the young age of 5 years old.

Unkle Play was first introduced to the recording studio by his father who had a friend that was a producer in North Chicago.. This man’s name was UNO, who donned Play with his original music moniker “Lil UNO”.  He still remembers his first lyrics being something about making his dad proud & taking care of his grandmother who unfortunately passed away when Unkle Play was turning 10 years old..

Everybody has a story to tell & he intends to tell it himself through the art of song.. Although he insures there is no fictional story told in any of his lyrics.. He admits that his dreams of becoming a pillar in the music industry have been hindered by life lifting..

Which many can relate to such as incarceration, substance abuse, suffering from depression & an identity struggle of sorts from years of trauma during his childhood. In his teenage years, Unkle Play got entangled in the street life, ultimately leading him down a dangerous path.

He found himself in and out of trouble with the law, facing legal battles that seemed insurmountable. When Unkle Play was in juvenile hall he met an other artist name Hitta Castro where they formed a family bond to where they called each other cousin & looked out for each other.

Over the years, Unkle Play has released a couple of mixtapes named “Back On The Run Volumes 1 & 2”, both while he was actually on the run.

Unkle Play kept in contact with his cousin Hitta Castro who was already doing well for himself which advised Unkle Play to moved to where he was so he can start fresh that’s when Unkle Play was doing shows all over the east coast, With his kids being born he knew he had to take this gift he had seriously

Unkle Play has dropped a song called “Poker” prod by Flagmanbeatz and his music video is doing some good numbers and to top that off Unkle Play was on a Billboard in Time Square to promote his new music video.

Unkle Play a proud Gemini

Where his multiple personalities come from

He instills that he Is each & every one of his identities at heart, but becoming a father forced him to be a MAN more than an artist..

UNO was the young innovative aspiring songwriter & lyricist who took his talents seriously only once he was sent to juvenile detention at the age of 13.. Even being deemed a young menace to society, a young Unkle Play found a way to inspire his peers by performing songs with his cousin & friend in the rec hall or on the basketball court..

TatGun Play was introduced after Pistol Play was arrested for the warrants he was running from.. When he came out of jail, an associate who became a friend was going into jail gave him a tattoo kit & told him to learn & that’s what he did.. It went from being a hobby to becoming Plays main source of income during this time period.. & this was when the music took a halt for the longest period of time..

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Family, Religion and Lady friends

His familys’ names are Willie McGhee and Maria Tuck. He has 1 sister name Andreya Martinez & Three brothers name Yashar, Elijah & Emmanuel

He have 4 kids  3 daughter & 1 son

Jae’Lei, Jaeda, Jaemyn & Jaevori

That he calls them #TheJaes

Is not in a relationship right now

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