UPSA Graduation 2020: Composer of UPSA Anthem, Brian Akrong honoured

A senior Lecturer and Former Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies, Mr. Brian Senyo Akrong has been honored for his excellent service and commitment to promoting the development of the University.

Mr. Akrong, who worked with the University from 2005 to 2019, was honored at the first session of the University’s Congregation Ceremony for 2020. He is touted as the main brain behind the University anthem, the ‘Star of Hope’, and the formation of the UPSA Choir.

A citation presented to him read in part: “Your commitment to promoting the development of UPSA is unparalleled. You contributed to developing the UPSA anthem – dubbed, the ‘Star of Hope’, it’s lyrics, and your formation of the UPSA Choir was phenomenal.”

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Until his retirement last year, Mr. Akrong served as a member of the editorial board of UPSA’s Journal for Business and Professional Studies (JBPS), formerly known as the Journal of Business Research (JBR).

He also served as Head of the Language Centre and Coordinator of the Publications. He was also a course developer for a number of language-based courses.