Use other forms of identification to make voter registration easier – Afriyie Ankrah to EC


The Director of Elections for the National Democratic Convention (NDC), Elvis Afriye Angra, has appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to make arrangements for the use of other national identity documents to register to vote.

He said the European Commission should allow people with passports and birth certificates to register and vote in the 2024 elections.

speaking in interaction on JoyNews ‘Newsfile On Saturday, Mr. Unkrah said that if this approach was used, it would make the process of registering potential voters easier.

“Over the years since 1993, it has been provided that apart from the primary document which in this case would be the NIA card, there must be some provision for other documents and in the past, it was the driver’s license, Ghanaian passport and guarantor system,” he said.

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Mr. Angrah’s comments come after the Vice-President of the Electoral Commission (EC) in charge of corporate services warned potential voters against obtaining a Ghana Card as it would be the only requirement to register to vote in the 2024 elections.

speaking in interview day pulse On Wednesday, Dr. Bosman Asari said that without a Ghana card, no one would be registered to vote.

He said this is because the Ghana Card has made an impact in our community with nearly 17 million Ghanaians registered for it.


“UNHCR, together with our partners, has taken the decision which now allows us to obtain the Ghana Card as the main requirement.

“What this means is that once you get your Ghana card with ongoing registration, you just go to our district office where you are, then you go to register and your name will be put on the voter list,” he said.

In response to the warning, Mr. Engrah stated that the European Commission is overly dependent on the National Identification Authority when it has no control over the functions of the National Intelligence Agency.

“What is the guarantee that at the end of the day by the time they open the limited registration to vote, people who have reached the age of 18 have received their Ghana Card,” Mr.

According to him, with all the challenges that the NIA has faced that have not been addressed, he cannot understand why the Electoral College insists that “only the NIA card is to be used.”

He challenged the statistics provided by the European Commission regarding people who had been issued with a Ghana Card.

“What we have is that as of July, based on NIA statistics, 16 million 654 thousand 72 people were registered, 13 million 317 thousand 612 and 3 million 23 thousand 918 had not been issued their Ghana Card,” he said. There is a challenge.”


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