Van Vicker endorses NPP says he would have been a Uni-Student in 1996 if Free SHS existed

Ace Ghanaian actor and entrepreneur has taken insight into the NPP’s frees SHS implemented under the leadership of President Akuffo a few months when he was elected in office in January 2016

SHSTRENDZ.COM has sighted a post by the Popular Ghanaian actor praising the incumbent government saying the FREE SHS has helped a lot of Ghanaians to get secondary education.

He made it clear that even though it is not a perfect system but the very fact that, high school drop will decrease and Junior High school graduates will have free secondary education is incredible. According to him, the Free SHS has enabled hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians to get secondary education.

Sharing his past ordeal, the notorious actor positioned how he had to kiss his dream of becoming a gynecologist because her mother wasn’t financially sound and used all that she got for his secondary education , a situation which brought a financial burden on her mother.

I put premium on education for ALL”, he said

According to Van Vicker, he has not regretted for a his current profession but rather to unequivocally state that the free SHS program benefit our youths and only if it was implemented back in his days, his mother would have saved enough to eventually fund his tertiary education.

see below the instagram post

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