The Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University Prof. Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua has held a meeting with the 2020-year group of the University.

Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University meets Pentvars Class of 2020

The Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University Prof. Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua has held a meeting with the 2020-year group of the University. The meeting took place on Friday 18th December 2020 both physically on campus and online via zoom. The purpose was an effort to bridge the gap between Management, students and alumni of the University.

In delivering the keynote address the VC congratulated the students on successfully completing their programs of study. He reiterated the University’s reinvigorated vision to be A+ at “training ethical problem-solving graduates who are distinguished in their fields of endeavours”. This, he said calls for greater partnership and collaboration between management and students.

Addressing other critical issues, Prof. Agyapong-Kodua told the soon-to-be alumni about reforms that are going to transform the university immediately. Among other things, he said the student experience is the immediate matter the University is tackling. In view of that, “we have begun processes to digitize all our operations.” This he said will include swipe cards which will link students accounts to their fee payment, academic records and other relevant information. This he said will provide greater convenience for students to concentrate on their academics and an experience that will make them proud to be products of University A+.”

Commenting further on students’ experience, The VC said the University will regularly engage them through workshops, conferences and meetings; and also take steps to create opportunities for students to study and work. This, he said, will enable them to gain employable skills as well as earn income to support themselves.

Prof. Agyapong-Kodua also used the opportunity to announce the graduation date to the students. “My dear friends, one of the main reasons why I convene this meeting is to personally announce your graduation date to you in persons, which comes off on 30th January 2021.” …he said. He also told the students that they will be issued PU certificates since the University has attained charter status. “Again my friends, let me inform you that you are privileged to be among the first batch of students to be issued Pentecost University certificate” … the VC added. He assured them that in the next few years, Pentecost University certificate will be one of the most sought after certificate internationally for jobs and higher education. He concluded by calling for their support to make the new vision a reality.

Commenting on the meeting, some of the students expressed satisfaction with the engagement. According to Ms Imoro.. (BSc. Insurance Class of 2020), the meeting has settled a lot of anxiety and doubts in her. She said, “there were so many speculations in the student body, especially concerning the type of certificate and graduation date but the VC’s address has settled that in a very impressive manner.”

On his part, Mr Daniel Asomani (BSc. Accounting) said: “We have look forward to such a meeting for long and will like to thank the management for convening it”. He added that “it gives students a reason to channel their grievances internally instead of ranting on social media and other channels.

Mr Andrews Narh also commended the VC for the meeting. According to him,” it is a great step towards closing the gap between management and students and demonstrates that the VC is walking the talk when he said steps are being taken to enhance student’s experience.” He added that “I am better informed and motivated to be an advocate for the University.”

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