Video: UG Students Leaders approved 2020/2021 Double Track Calendar before Implementation

UG students leaders were engaged on Double track Implementation. In the wake of anticipation to get back to school to get the pen and paper arts working.

University of Ghana students’ have been hit to cooperate with the new dual-mode academic shifts as management reveals that the decision to implement double-track did not arrive in singularity because Students Leaders were engaged in a round table discussion before the said roll out.

Mrs. Lydia Nyarko-Danquah, Teaching and Examinations Unit Head, University of Ghana revealed today on Univers TV that there was the need to run the double in order to protect students from coronavirus pandemic.

‘’As we know Covid-19 is with us and we cannot take that for granted’’, she stressed.

Asked by a Univers TV representative if  Students leaders were engaged, she emphasized that Student leaders cannot be excluded from this crucial decision that rest on the students’ academic success.

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See below the video

This engagement hereby embodies University of Ghana Graduate Students’ Association (GRASAG) and University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council.

It is unclear if student leaders were indeed engaged because Tuesday December, 22 saw a news feed from the Office of the Public Relations officer of the SRC which seems to suggest that the Student body do not  flank by the decision arrived at by Management.