WASSCE: 10 Biology Questions WAEC asks Yearly

When we talk about WAEC, WAEC is an examination that takes a candidate up to the next level if you have something upstairs, then some subjects are required for you to face just like Mathematics, English, Physics, biology etc, so for you as a candidate to pass your peppers, You need to go true WAEC past question papers, this are 10 biology questions that you may see in the WAEC examination.


The first scientist to describe the cell was

A. Theodor Schwann

B. Felix Dujardin

C. Robert Hooke

D. Charles Darwin


Which of the following structures functions as an excretory system found in flatworm?

A. Contractile vacuole

B. Nephridium

C. Flame cell

D. Malpighiam tubule


In which of the following processes is carbondioxide not given out?

A. respiration in plants

B. decay of organism

C. burning of organic matter

D. during photosynthesis


  The largest game reserve in Nigeria is the

A. Kainji Game Reserve in Niger State

B. Zamfara Forest Reserve in Sokoto State

C. Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State

D. Borgu Game Reserve in Niger State


A. only the fittest can survive in a challenging environment

B. species that are unable to adapt become extinct

C. new characteristics do not arise in organisms in time of need

D. the changing environment imposes structural physiological and behavioural changes in organisms

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Which of the following blood vessels carries oxygenated blood into the heart?

A. Pulmonary vein

B. Anterior vena cava

C. Pulmonary artery

D. Aorta


What type of relation exists between a tapeworm and an infected mammal?

A. Symbiosis

B. Commensalism

C. Predation

D. Parasitism


Which of the following is not a characteristic of overcrowding in plant and animal community?

A. Population outstripping available space

B. Population exceeding available food

C. Competition within the population

D. increase in primary production


Which of the following diseases or disorders can be prevented by the application of the knowledge of heredity through marriage counseling ?

A. Sickle cell anaemia

B. Haemophilia

C. Diabetes mellitus

D. Colour blindness


Which of the following is the underling principle in the adoption of biological control of pests?

A. Knowledge of agricultural practices by the farmer

B. relationship between plants and animals

C. the presence of poisonous chemicals in the farm 

D. The predator-prey relationship in the ecological community