Wassce 2020: Government (Essay&Obj) most repeated questions and answers

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Government refers to all the following except

A. an academic field of study

B. an organized group of people that formulate policies

C. a process of making and enforcing laws

D. an institution made up of people with a common interest

All the following are experienced by a community without government except

A. insecurity

B. planned development.

C. lawlessness

D. political anarchy

As an academic field, the study of government does not include

A. Political economy

B. Comparative politics

C. Public administration

D. Ecological interaction

Which of the following systems of government is authoritarian in nature?

A. Capitalist system

B. Fascism

C. Republicanism

D. Constitutional monarchy

The system that allows the opposition to participate in governance is

A. dictatorial

B. collectivism

C. aristocratic

D. democratic

Which of the following hinders the establishment of a representative government in a state?

A. Mass illiteracy

B. Existence of pressure groups

C. Vibrant political culture

D. Independent electoral commission

Which of the following is not an attribute of a state?

A. Definite territory

B. Population

C. Government

D. Common language

In a democracy political sovereignty is vested in the

A. judges

B. people

C. legislature

D. executive

According to Charles Montesquieu, the theory of separation of powers is to prevent

A. influence

B. authority

C. power

D. arbitrariness

Decentralization is a common feature of

A. totalitarian system of government

B. federal system of government

C. unitary system of government

D. fascist system

Bye-laws are made through

A. delegated legislation

B. executive instrument

C. presidential order

D. emergency power

Power is transformed into legal authority through

A. force

B. prayers

C. influence

D. legitimacy

Conventions are mostly used by states that have

A. a large number of illiterates

B. a lot of people not interested in political activities

C. unwritten constitution

D. rigid constitution

One advantage of a flexible constitution is that it

A. can lead to dictatorship

B. can easily be manipulated

C. is best suited for a federation

D. can be amended by a simple majority

A constitution that requires a complicated procedure for its amendment is

A. rigid

B. flexible

C. written

D. unwritten

The official who enforces discipline among members of his party in parliament is the

A. majority leader

B. minority leader

C. clerk of the House

D. chief whip

When an action of the executive is declared ultra-vires, it is control exercised by the

A. public

B. minister

C. judiciary

D. parliament

In a presidential system of government, the president can constitutionally be removed from the office through

A. persuasion

B. impeachment

C. coup d’ etat

D. vote -of-no- confidence

One of the features of an absolute monarch is that the ruler

A. is elected by the electorate

B. has a definite tenure of office

C. is elected by the representatives of the people

D. wields the supreme power in a state.

A notable feature of the cabinet system of government is

A. collective responsibility

B. the separation of powers

C. violation of human rights

D. impeachment of the executive

All the following are the conditions for the adoption of federalism except

A. size

B. defence

C. population

D. homogeneity

The privilege citizens enjoyed in a country irrespective of sex, tribe or creed is

A. right

B. constitution

C. manifesto

D. franchise

The judicial order requiring a detained person to be brought before a judge is a writ of

A. Habeas corpus

B. Mandamus

C. Prohibition

D. Certiorari

A political party can contest and win a widely accepted election if it has

A. the ability to rig the election

B. intolerant attitude to oppositions

C. a broad-based membership

D. the support of very wealthy politicians

Political parties aim at all the following except

A. contesting elections

B. forming a government

C. organizing general elections

D. educating the electorate politically

Which of the following is not a means through which political parties reach the populace?

A. Posters

B. newspapers

C. schools.

D. the internet

An association whose ultimate aim is to influence government policies is known as

A. civil service

B. pressure group

C. political party

D. public corporation

Membership of pressure groups is usually limited because they

A. pursue specific and narrow objectives

B. promote other people’s interests

C. do not have dynamic leadership

D. promote the interest of the government

Elections are conducted to

A. provide permanent employment for the people

B. make the people choose their leaders

C. known the number of people in a country

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D. know the social amenities in the community

Suffrage is also known as

A. franchise

B. plebiscite

C. public opinion

D. electoral college

For an election to be fair and free Electoral Commission Must be

A. ready to manipulate results

B. ready to reject criticisms

C. headed by a minister in the executive

D. independent of other institutions of government

Which of the following categories of people can vote in periodic elections?

A. Minors

B. Aliens

C. Lunatics

D. Citizens

The anonymity of a civil servant means that he

A. is above the law of the land

B. should take part in partisan politics

C. receives neither praise nor blame publicly

D. should be prosecuted for professional misconduct

Which of the following functions is performed by the civil service?

A. Enactment of laws

B. Settlement of disputes

C. Appointment of ministers

D. Implementation of policies

Public corporations are established to

A. make maximum profits

B. help businessmen

C. provide employment for defeated politicians

D. provide utility services to the public at minimal cost

A minister controls public corporation by

A. provide the corporation’s finances

B. auditing the accounts of the corporation personally

C. criticizing the corporation through the mass media

D. ensuring the effective administration of the corporation

An institution of government that makes bye-laws is the

A. judiciary

B. executive

C. legislature

D. local authorities

Local governments are created to

A. give more powers to the traditional rulers

B. bring the government closer to the people

C. make the people obey more of the local laws

D. take over the functions of the central government

Some pre-colonial West African governments were democratic because of the existence of

A. powerful traditional rulers

B. age grades

C. religious institutions

D. checks and balances

One of the measures introduced by indirect rule was

A. collection and keeping of taxes by the chiefs only

B. not recognizing traditional institutions

C. fixing and collection of taxes by British officials themselves

D. exclusion of the educated elite from the colonial administration

Which of the following policies was replaced by the French policy of an association?

A. Apartheid

B. Assimilation

C. Indirect rule

D. Frenchification

The desire for constitutional development in British West African Colonies was ‘as a result of the

A. rigidity of the constitution

B. desire of the British to review the constitution

C. power of traditional rulers in British West Africa

D. growing agitation of the people for political independence

The following are features of military regimes except

A. respect for human rights

B. suspension of the constitution

C. rules by decrees and edicts

D. curtailment of human rights

Military regimes in West Africa have often made use of civilians because

A. only civilians can make decrees

B. the soldiers are democratic

C. civilians are part of the armed forces

D. they need the experience of civilians in government

One criticism levelled against the pre-independence political parties in West Africa was that some of them

A. did not possess credible programmes

B. did not contribute to political development

C. were not national in outlook

D. were instruments of the colonial administration

Which of the following countries was not instrumental to the formation of the United Nations Organization (UNO)?

A. United States of America

B. Britain

C. Germany


Outline five processes by which a bill becomes law in a presidential system of government.


i. Drafting and gazetting of the bill

ii. The notice of the bill is given to the Clerk of the House

iii. First reading: the bill is presented to the house by the Clerk who will also read the nature and purpose of the bill.

iv. Second reading: here the bill is presented by the sponsor of the bill stating its importance /relevance

v. Committee stage: the bill is referred to the appropriate Standing Committee for detailed examination.

vi. Report stage: the appropriate Standing Committee reports back to the House making recommendations and amendments where necessary.

vii. Debate stage: the committee of the whole House debates the recommendations made by the appropriate Standing Committee and makes suggestions.

(ix) Assent: the bill goes to the President or Governor for assent so that the bill can become law.

(x) Veto: if the President or Governor refuses to sign the bill, the bill can be passed into law by a two-thirds majority of the whole house.

(a) What is fascism?

(b) Highlight any four features of fascism


a. Fascism is a totalitarian system of government led by a dictator and emphasizes aggressive nationalism and racism.

b. (i) The state is hierarchically organized/structured with a leader at the top.

(ii) It is a one-party state

(iii) The government is autocratic

(iv) It is based on aggressive nationalism

(v) It is based on racial discrimination

(vi) The state is superior to individuals and groups

(vii) It opposes communism, socialism and democracy

(viii) It glorifies wars and violence

(ix) It rejects the law of God and forbids any form of religion

(x) Its characterized by propaganda

(xi) It has a centralized economy

(xii) Existence of secret police and secret trials of citizens

(xiii) The state controls the mass media

(xiv) Existence of official/state ideology

(xv) Disregard to international laws and conventions

State five factors that can limit the independence of the judiciary


i. Government interference i.e. Legislature and Executive

ii. Personal interest of the judge

iii. System of government i.e. authoritarian regime.

iv. Political party influence/interest

v. Crisis of integrity: bribery and corruption

vi. Modes of appointment and dismissal

vii. Inadequate financial resources/poor funding

viii. Poor remuneration for judges and judicial staff

ix. Social ties e.g family, ethnic, religion etc.

x. National/public interest

xi. Existence of special tribunals.

Highlight any five roles of minority parties in a multiparty democracy.


i. Provide avenues for alternative government if the ruling party fails to meet the aspirations of the people.

ii. Project the interest of minority groups in the country

iii. Help to promote unity and tolerance in the midst of diversities.

iv. Keep the government on its toe to ensure good governance.

v. Help to prevent violation of Fundamental Human Rights.

vi. Offer useful suggestions and ideas for the formulation and implementation of government policies.

(vii) Contribute to thorough parliamentary debates and the passage of bills.

(viii) Minority party members serve on various parliamentary committees to ensure smooth administration of the country.

(ix) They assist in national consensus building, unity and integrity.

(x) They mobilize and protest against unpopular policies of the ruling government.

(xi) In times of national crises, the minority and the majority exhibit A sense of loyalty and patriotism.

(xii) They protect the constitution and rule of law.

(xiii) They provide alternative policies and programmes for the country.

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