Watch as a brave Ghanaian farmer battles with a wild python he found on his farm –

It appears not all persons are afraid of snakes, the elongated, limbless, carnivorous, often poisonous reptiles, which many dread.

In a viral video shared by EDHUB, a supposed Ghanaian farmer was brave enough to attack not any other snake but the much-feared python, which besieged his farm.

The said video showed the intense battle between the farmer and the python.

The man could be seen initially pulling the tail of the large snake. The snake could also be seen trying to bite the man as it was been pulled.

The farmer then began to hit the snake with a machete, he was wielding as the snake was also attacking back.

After several strikes to the head of the python, the farmer stepped on his neck area and managed to subdue it.

He then started puffing air into the mouth of the snake before biting its tail to the amazement of the onlookers.

Watch a video of the incident below:

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