‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega,’ Has Been Called ‘Entitled And Toxic’ By A Hollywood Director

Steven DeKnight, an experienced Hollywood producer and filmmaker, has criticized Jenna Ortega, the star of the hit Netflix show “Wednesday,” for how she acts on set. Ortega’s behavior was discussed on Dax Shepard’s show “Armchair Expert,” leading DeKnight to condemn it on Twitter.

Ortega said that he changed lines in the script and acted badly on set. DeKnight called these acts “entitled” and “beyond toxic.”

DeKnight, who has worked on hit shows such as “Daredevil” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” said that while he loves “talking with actors about their lines/stories,” sometimes stars “don’t have the full pictures (in TV) of where the story is going and why some lines are needed for the whole to make sense.” He also said Ortega’s acts were because she was young, but he said she “should” know how things work.

Ortega, who is 20 years old, said on the show that she put her “foot down” on set, almost to the point of being “unprofessional,” to protect her “very protective” Addams family character.

She said it didn’t make sense for her character to be in a “love triangle,” and she told the writers “no” to many story points, sometimes even “changing lines” in the script. She even admitted that she wasn’t happy with her work most of the time.

The Show Will Be Back For A Second Season

Even though the show was a hit, the directors didn’t stop working with Ortega again. Ortega will play Wednesday in a second season and be one of the show’s executive producers.

Even though Ortega’s behavior on set wasn’t proper, it didn’t hurt the success of “Wednesday” in the end. It will be interesting to see how her job as an executive director changes how the second season is made.

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