The Blue Club is a humanitarian club which was founded on the 1st of April, 2017 with the aim of informing, educating, entertaining and helping each other in times of need, channeling its communication through a WhatsApp platform. A person needs to be 18+ or above to be able to join the family. This group was created by Richard Mensah in two phases; the Main Group Page and the Welfare Page. The platform is erotic with stories to ease boredom, business opportunities, socialization, fun trips, Funeral, Marriage ceremony etc…

NO payment is done when joining the Main Page and it’s solely by the recommendation of a club member and the discretion of the administrators. To those who are on the Main Page and wish to join the Welfare Page need to pay an amount of 20ghc – 50ghc before being added.

NB:  Payment must be done ONLY through the secretary’s MoMo number with the CONSENT of the creator.


The President – Richard Mensah

Chairman – Mr. Kwaku Amponsah


Secretary – Mr. Kwamina Bartels



  • We do all stuffs on our main icon except politics, unless it concerns national security issues.
  • We don’t promote, campaign, or demote any political party or an individual.
  • We criticize the government constructively which is our constitutional right without insult, tribal or hate speech
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  • No monthly dues, but do donations when the occasion arises.
  • Only welfare members can fall on the welfare for assistance in times of a deceased parents, child or special assistance like job, counseling or illness.
  • We contribute during events like trips and hangout, and only those who pay shall partake.
  • Support is done for a member only once a time.
  • One cannot LEAVE the welfare group after RECEIVING support from the welfare unless upon REFUND. Donations will be made if one want to leave having not received  a support.
  • Maximum support for any occasion is 500ghc according to donations, the rest shall be kept in clubs coffers.
  • We shall visit the orphanage once a year with some donations.
  • Members can borrow step parents if real parents are deceased.
  • One or two  welfare members will be supported with only TnT to represent the club when we have  No  Representative in that City
  • Members can be suspended for insults, gossiping or misconduct.
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NB:  Rules and regulations may be amended when the need arises by the entire Executives.


  • Mondays – Business & Services (Members are allowed to advertise their products and services)
  • Tuesdays – What does the law say? Don’t be ignorant of the law.
  • Wednesdays – Hot Seat (A member is selected by the administrators to be interrogated by the house on all aspects of life. The member however reserves the right not to answer questions he/she finds not worthy)
  • Thursdays – Health Talk(Issues concerning health are discussed)
  • Fridays – Sex Education‍, Naughty Friday (We share information on how to improve sex life, and so on).
  • Saturdays – Selfie with location, Music, Fasters Finger.
  • Sundays – General discussion especially concerning group welfare, trips, hangouts, Funerals, Marriage ceremonies etc
  • Golden Rule – Do unto others what you want others to do unto you in short let’s respect each other. No politics, No hate speech, No Insults, Join our WELFARE GROUP page now, comment regularly!

Enjoy your stay…Thanks 0243279987