NSMQ 2020: WeyGeyHey claims her crown as she stuns Augusco in the finals of the Regional Championship


St Augustine’s College led through the first three rounds but was whipped off their feet with just the last riddle to win the contest.

Leading by a point gap, AUGUSCO failed to answer the last riddle correctly and it was all up for grabs by Wesley Girls, they answered for three points and it was Game Over.

End of Round One
Holy Child – 10
Wesley Girls -13
St Augustine’s – 18

End of Round 2

St. Augustine’s College: 20pts
Wesley Girls’ High School: 13pts
Holy Child School: 10pts

End of Round Three
Holy Child – 14
Wesley Girls -26
St Augustine’s – 30

Wesley Girls have taken their crown. As it stands now and for this year, Wesley Girls High School have crowned the Central Region Champions for NSMQ 2020.

Central- End of Final Contest

Wesley Girls – 35

St.Augustine’s – 33

Holy Child – 14

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