What Does Computerized School Selection and Placement System(CSSPS) Means


Every year,the various senior high schools in Ghana receive new students from Junior High Schools (JHS) who have successfully completed their basic education.

With this,they are admitted into the schools as first year students and by a system,they are placed.The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is digital platform online regulated by Ghana Education Service (GES) under the Ministry of Education.

Based on your aggregate obtained in the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE),one is placed in one of their selected choice of school since the aggregate is the main determinant.Students are placed into Senior High Schools (SHS), Technical Institutes(TI) and Vocational Institutes.

The operation is carried out the CSSPS is carried out by a Secretariat which is a unit of the Secondary Education Division of GES. The placement was a policy change from the GES Council as a result of the challenges emanating from the manual selection of placement.

Prospective students accross the country access the system’s portal online in order to check in their school placement with their 10-digit index number a voucher PIN purchased using e- voucher mobile money.They are then asked to visit www.cssps.gov.gh the website portal of the placement system.

The CSSPS became operational in September 2005, after Ghana Education Service Council has taken the decisions in 2003 to implement it and it was ensure to start at a smooth take off.

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Sometimes students miss out on placement to SHS on the CSSPS due to a number of reasons. Once you have used the cssps placement checker 2019 and verified that you have missed your placement then the best option would be a re-entry. A student may be rejected from admission to their initial choices of SHS. In case the first selected schools have filled their capacity after admitting the most qualified students, they reject any further admissions.

Hence, students who performed lower that the set “cut off” marks are not placed. Sometimes a student fails to be selected and placed to a SHS because of failing either mathematics or English subjects. Any student who fails to give correct or adequate requisite information on their answer sheets may sometimes be canceled or withheld.

The student might have chosen one school twice which may automatically limit or disqualifies their chance of placement in that school. Sometimes a particular school maybe oversubscribed by candidates placing undue pressure for its placement. A BECE candidate may also defers admission to his/her selected and placement school in a particular year with such reasons as falling ill ,loss of parent(s), retirement and dissatisfaction with the selected placement by CSSPS, can apply for re-entry.

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This is when you need CSSPS re-entry forms. As a policy issued by the Ministry of Education, candidates who passed their BECE and who has stayed out of school for up to three academic years can also apply for re-entry. The student is then force to reapply for a second placement. Filling re-entry forms is a mandatory requirement so as to be eligible for the placement exercise. There will be a small fee to pay for the re-entry forms. Procedure to follow:-

  • Click on Check placement status [Since you’ve not been placed], you will find a link to self-placement.
  • Click on the self-placement link On the new tab, select your preferred region.
  • Select your preferred school Select your program of choice.
  • Click on the submit button to place yourself.
  • Proceed to print your placement notice.

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