What exactly is in the Quiz Mistress’ bag?

Do you recollect the narrative of the wicked rodent? That rodent requested that its kids proceed to decimate the rancher’s pepper ranch. The child rodents came whining that, ‘mummy, the pepper we are biting is hot o’ and the mother rodent went like: ‘feel free to figure out how to bite the pepper; it’s not for anything other than unadulterated insidiousness; simply continue biting!’

I recollect the day Ajoavi’s mom came to chapel some time in 1993 to offer declaration to us in Church that she has at last acquired an American passage visa and that she would venture out to the U.S in 4 days. She likewise reproved those of us who decide to keep living in Ghana bcos we are not ‘that favored’ to ‘take great consideration of ourselves’. What’s more, we as a whole shouted ‘Halleluya, God is great… constantly’ and constantly… .!’ You will have a hard time believing that this lady never crossed Kotoka till she kicked the bucket a year ago.

She had the visa okay yet when she got to the air terminal, the image in the identification changed to that of a man and she was returned. I am certain now you comprehend why individuals travel abroad particularly without declaring it or educating even close relations regarding it! ‘Abror’ to the power 25 increased by X partitioned by nothing!

When a school like Presec was getting ready for the fantastic finale with a number cruncher acquired from a Nyebro colleague (my nephew), what do you anticipate? No one acquires and uses our mini-computer and finds the solutions right separated from we ourselves o.

At the point when a challenger punches 2+3, the appropriate response he gets is 8! At that point he would attempt once more: multiple times 4 and the appropriate response would be = 72! Finish! He didn’t gain from this and still proceeded to utilize his adding machine needing to proceed to win test!

Professor Korshi Opoku Amankwah, Director-General of the GES was the Professor who instructed me Advanced English Grammar in the late 90s o! Prof, please o; how would you feel when individuals state the measures in the Achimotas and the Mfantsipims have fallen?

Concerning me, I chuckle when I hear remarks like that o bcos I don’t think there is any single school in Ghana whose measures are still up there the manner in which they used to be even ten years prior! Indeed, even multi week back, a school scored with 68 to qualify and in the grande finale yesterday, they scored 34! Is the standard the equivalent?

An excessive number of terrible things occurring simultaneously this month o. On the off chance that it’s not about Black Stars ‘breaking the pot and our hearts’, it would be Benin that are so cherished by God that in any event, when all the chances were against them, regardless they scored Morocco to meet all requirements for the quarter finals. Not by any means a punishment granted against them emerged.

The other terrible one was to do with the simply finished National Maths and Science Quiz which saw APSU winning. Alla! The current year’s challenge was something different. It just helps me to remember the times of the Kwesi Nkansahs and the Tei Abbeys who originally won the trophy for Presec in the then BMSQ.

At KNUST, no one would reveal to you the scholastic exhibitions of these folks were absorbed ‘nuclear bombs and flight’! These were 7D cerebrums and I accept despite everything they have such minds despite the fact that bits of their cerebrums are presently centered around koko for the kids just as school expenses when September is drawing nearer!

Today there is not at all like a dark horse school any longer o aside from a couple. Concerning Adisadel, the manner in which I chuckled last Monday er. It is accepted by some ‘against individuals’ that it is bcos of ‘Adisadel young men that individuals don’t have any regard for zebra intersections’. I was shocked they were keen on winning when none of the competitors was wearing exhibitions! Science understudies? How?

The Santas guarantee Presec beat them in light of the fact that Adisadel young men had never preferred Mondays which happened to be the day they were kicked out by Kofi Ansah’s young men! Cheerful late birthday o, Odadi3 Kofi Ansah of the Multimedia Group.

I heard you ate your fufu intensely just before the challenge with the end goal that if it didn’t go the method for Presec, your birthday would not be damaged! That is called ‘Protection’!

Wesley Girls left a mark on the world by beating two monsters – Motown and Prempeh. The Quiz Mistress, and her Team of Science and Technology Professors must start to set a few inquiries in the nearby dialects. ‘Did you get it? Truly Madam’. Muti asi3″ Daabi’! In the mean time, it is something very similar said in various dialects however saw distinctively o! Mr Solomon Owusu otherwise known as Sonny Rocky, a pleased Amanfuo, I welcome you la! Hahaaa!

Motown ought to have won that challenge however well, it is a great idea to spoil the young ladies little so was it! GeyHey must be energized despite the fact that they couldn’t go past that memorable accomplishment as they beat these ‘excessively known’ young men – one from Accra and the other from K-sai!

Indeed, I giggled at certain individuals last two Wednesdays. At the point when ‘Moses meets Osmosis’, Daniel Dazie would commend a Ghana objective by shouting ‘goooaaaallllll’ as our adversaries, Guinea Bissau reel under frustration and afterward you would hear him simultaneously yell ‘aaaaaaaaaah’ when Kwabotwe loses to Augusco in the Maths and Science Quiz! Welcome o, Dr Laud Mensah of the Legon Business School! You ‘win’ manyaaaaaa!

As this was going on, Nathaniel Atoh was likewise giving the analysis and shouted ‘goooooooooooooaalllllllllllllllll’ for quite a while till he nearly began panting for breath as he observes Ghana’s objective which concurred with Augusco’s stroll over Mfantsipim, a situation some have portrayed as ‘Botwe-Bissau’!

D.D of JOY SMS and Dr Mensah of UGBS, next time when you see Augusco Boys like Nath Attoh, welcome them for me! Concerning the Chairman of the ‘Against Supporters Union, Santa ‘Read-One’ Ibrahim Ashanti, he snatched each and every chance to giggle at the ‘Red Devils’ of the Central Region! Much to his dismay that Presec would mortify Adisco the week after.

Tepa resembled the Benin in the NMSQ! Astonishments! In the fantastic finale, I was supporting Presec to win since they have been predictable in their triumphs however the other two Catholic Schools were similarly intense!

What’s more, there is an AFCON! ‘Locomoto headed the ball to Onana. Onana spills two Indomitable Lions and fell (why not?) when the ball at that point tumbled straight into the suulia of Banana. Banana was gulped in a spill by Akwedu of Cameroun… and it is a goallllllllll! Banana 1, Akwedu 2’ as ‘Nkati3’ the goalkeeper has quite recently been supplanted! Azey, this 2019 AFCON would go as one of the most intriguing, not in execution o however in the names of players.

It just helps me to remember AFCON in the 1990’s. The Naija squad had some fascinating names with regards to their line-up.

‘Odeneku passes the ball to Okenedu and he associated the ball directly to Onekedu’s head and he scored! Regardless of whether it is Odeneku, Okenedu or Onekedu, toward the day’s end, you won’t realize who really scored! African names! Applaud us! Hahahahaaaa!

Two years on and the Quiz Mistress’ missing pack couldn’t be found by the security organizations. My stress isn’t over the sack o yet the substance of the pack. How am I expected to know the things in there? Possibly electronic mini-computers and Visa card! Abeg, how about we end it here since I accepted she may have guaranteed the substance of the sack the explanation she isn’t discussing it once more. Hahaaaa!

I welcome you o, Prime Time Productions for as yet keeping up the measures so high with solid challenge trustworthiness that would never be undermined in any capacity.

Following 12 years of ‘kaufing, wouldn’t you say it’s about time Dr Elsie Kaufman was made a Professor? Simply thinking o. For me I accept the norms are still there o notwithstanding different changes.

One youngster was made by the dad to sit for the WASSCE as a private competitor when the SHS length was reached out to 4 years. He scored 8A’s in any event, when in SHS 2.

His Dad and the school specialists constrained him to complete his residency. He again sat for it while in SHS 3 and scored 8A’s. One more year to go. He sat for the tests in the forward year and scored 8A’s!

In the event that you like diminish the SHS length to a half year – he would at present score 8A’s.

There are some others, allow them 15 years for SHS; in the event that they won’t make it, not by any means an open book test will let them make it da!

Lexis Bill shielded that pack from being ‘adjusted’ again by some deceitful person(s) previously however concerning how light or overwhelming it was, I can guess and speculate that what is in the Quiz Mistress’ sack is an electronic hanky! Finish! So would it be able to be that the ‘cheat’ or ‘criminals’ who took her sack 2 years back simply did as such out of wickedness and that’s it?

See you at the JOY BEAUTY AND BRIDAL FAIR tonight and the remainder of the end of the week. Come and find out regarding ‘why it is smarter to wed your foe’ in light of the fact that with that, desires are less, no be so? Hahaaaaaa!

Columnist : Mawuli Zogbenu is the writer of this piece.

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