Where is Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett now, after two year prison spell?

Jamie Waylett, 34, played Vincent Crabbe in the wizarding scene establishment
He looks unrecognizable in the wake of forsaking a movie profession and serving jail time
The kid entertainer currently charges £160 for appearance appearances

Since the arrival of “Dreadful Blesses Section 2” in 2011, the troupe cast of the Harry Potter series has broadened their professions, taking on jobs in different movies, TV series, and, surprisingly, dramatic creations.


One Harry Potter cast part has gone through such a sensational change that they are presently unrecognizable, having left the entertainment world and confronted a time of detainment.

In spite of confronting a promising future subsequent to acting in one of the greatest earning film series ever, at age 34 Jamie Waylett has not stowed any new acting jobs since the wizarding scene motion pictures reached a conclusion.

All things considered, the entertainer has had an upset and fierce life, incorporating a brush with the law.

He was prominently missing from the last two Harry Potter motion pictures in the wake of experiencing legitimate difficulties in 2009. Around then, he was captured for developing maryjane in his family’s home and consequently confessed to charges of weed ownership and ownership of a blade.

During these judicial actions, Waylett was 20 years of age and was requested to perform 120 hours of neglected local area function as a feature of his sentence.

In 2012, he confronted another capture, this time for his contribution in the London revolts that had happened the earlier year. He was accused of offenses including fierce turmoil, ownership of a thing with the purpose to obliterate or harm property, and getting taken merchandise. Subsequently, he was condemned to two years in jail.

Following these legitimate issues, Jamie Waylett didn’t get back to the universe of acting. All things considered, he has all the more as of late shown up on the customized video stage Appearance.

Appearance is a stage where fans can pay their number one big names to send them customized video messages. On his Appearance page, the previous entertainer offers video messages valued at £160 each, with a typical term of around one moment and 47 seconds.

Fans who have experienced his Appearance recordings have communicated shock at his changed appearance contrasted with his pre-jail days.

Jamie Waylett is an English entertainer who is most popular for his job as Vincent Crabbe in the famous Harry Potter film series. He was born on July 21, 1989, in London, Britain. Waylett showed up as Crabbe in numerous Harry Potter films, including “Harry Potter and the Savant’s Stone” (2001), “Harry Potter and the Office of Mysteries” (2002), “Harry Potter and the Detainee of Azkaban” (2004), “Harry Potter and the Flagon of Fire” (2005), “Harry Potter and the Request for the Phoenix” (2007), and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Sovereign” (2009).

Since his legitimate difficulties, Waylett has generally stayed out of the public eye, and his acting profession has not seen any critical turns of events. His relationship with the Harry Potter series keeps on being a remarkable part of his vocation, despite the fact that it is eclipsed by his lawful issues and ensuing nonappearance from the later movies in the establishment.

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