While “off the clock,” Bianca Censori behaves and wears differently from Kanye

Friends of Bianca Censori claim that her husband Kanye West treats her like “some dramatic installation of art” and that she doesn’t wear the wild, barely-there outfits that have come to represent her in public when she isn’t “working” as his muse.

When she returned to Australia recently, the 29-year-old tiny brunette seemed “back to normal.”

The acquaintance described Censori as appearing as though she was not working, saying that she was wearing a sweater dress and going to a cafe in her hometown of Melbourne with her parents to eat spaghetti.

Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s wife, looks beautiful in a blue lace bodysuit with no back on a movie date

It was encouraging to see Censori with her family and acting like the lady we remembered, as the media coverage of her relationship with West led one to assume she had lost her mind. Nothing suggested her time with Kanye had a lasting impact—the clothing were back to normal, the friend continued.

There were rumors that Censori’s parents, Alexandra and Leo, were concerned about their daughter’s activities with West after she was seen sporting a number of obscene bodysuits and even clutching a pillow to conceal her ostensibly exposed chest.

While off the clock, Bianca Censori behaves and wears differently from KanyeWhile off the clock, Bianca Censori behaves and wears differently from Kanye

However, the buddy added, “it was evident they still have a lot of contact with her and the family hasn’t been cut off.” If this had been some sort of rescue from a leader akin to a cult, they would have been responding differently!”

A few days following her visit to Melbourne, Censori resumed her attention-grabbing ways. She attended a Yeezy production meeting this week in Prato, Italy, and left the house in heels and an incredibly low-cut bikini.

“Bianca was just taking it easy,” a source with close ties to Censori and West said to Page Six when asked about her stay in Australia.

Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori hold hands while she wears neon leggings that show some of her lower backside

As previously reported by Page Six, Censori views her attire as “performance art.”

“Bianca has assistance with her appearance from others. She’s the one presenting, and it’s well-considered,” the person continued.

Lauren Pisciotta, West’s former assistant, filed a lawsuit against him this week alleging wrongful termination and sexual harassment. When asked if Censori and West were getting along, the source said, “They seem to be ok.” They face difficulties together, just like any other marriage, yet their business ventures are succeeding.

Her companion, however, claimed that none of Censori’s former gang members “felt comfortable” attempting to talk to her about her connection and that they believe she is being treated like to a “dramatic installation of art.”

While off the clock, Bianca Censori behaves and wears differently from KanyeWhile off the clock, Bianca Censori behaves and wears differently from Kanye

“The tale is never fully told. The buddy said, “It’s nice that she must be balancing her time with him and yet be able to live a regular life, even though the thought that she is a human mannequin to the ex spouse of Kim Kardashian seems crazy.

Censori, who wed West in December 2022, exchanged her sneakers for bandages in April when they had a trip at Disneyland.

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She also wore an entirely transparent tube dress to a dinner date in Los Angeles, without the need for undergarments.

An insider earlier told Page Six, “People are confusing Bianca’s creativity. She is a phenomenal personality, a phenomenal actor, and she can entertain the public.” She creates performances. Ye and Bianca are both talented performers.

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