Who is Alissa McCommon? Fourth-grade teacher arrested for sexually assaulting 12-year-old student in Tennessee

A 4th grade instructor from Tennessee has been captured for physically attacking a 12-year-old
The 38-year-old educator has been distinguished as Alissa McCommon
She was captured on Friday by the Covington Police Division and was set up for the Tipton Area Prison

A 4th grade educator from Tennessee distinguished as Alissa McCommon has been captured for physically attacking a 12-year-old and become friends with other previous understudies on the web. She was captured on Friday by the Covington Police Office and was set up for the Tipton District Prison.


Who is Alissa McCommon?

Alissa McCommon is 38 years of age. She is the mother of two kids. She has been blamed for physically attacking a previous understudy in 2021 in her home, as affirmed by Police Boss Donna Turner.

According to media reports, she could have to deal with upwards of 25 years in jail whenever viewed as at legitimate fault for her demonstration. As per Covington Police Boss Donna Turner, different youthful casualties have uncovered being become friends with by their ex-instructor, McCommon. At first, they played computer games together, however their fellowship developed to incorporate further association through person to person communication applications on their cell phones. McCommon is blamed for sending ill-advised pictures and requesting sexual connections with the people in question. McCommon is said to have confessed to unseemly correspondence with past understudies.

As indicated by the WREG report, McCommon was suspended without pay on August 24 following a grievance made by a parent. Following this parent’s exposure, various more understudies said that McCommon had gotten to know them on the web and, surprisingly, participated in video gaming with them, as per the source.

She has additionally been blamed for sending improper pictures to previous understudies, mentioning them to have physical relations with her, according to media reports.

Boss Turner in an explanation said, “It is terrible. It’s unspeakable and it’s 100% preventable. I believe that is the reason the analysts and we are so enthusiastic about ensuring casualties are OK.”

The examination for the situation is as of now continuous, and police authorities are meeting every one of the people in question and individuals connected with the case to process further.

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