Who is Daniel Auderer? Seattle police officer under investigation for mocking at death of Jaahnavi Kandula

Daniel Auderer is as of now being examined for snickering after a collaborator killed a 23-year-old Indian alumni understudy
Auderer is the VP of the Seattle Cops Society
Jaahnavi Kandula, an indian alumni understudy, was signed up for Northeastern College’s School of Designing

Daniel Auderer, a Seattle cop, is presently being explored for giggling when an individual official’s collaborator unfortunately killed a 23-year-old Indian alumni understudy.


The Seattle Police Division (SPD) delivered a video recording of Official Daniel Auderer acting improperly comparable to the demise of an Indian understudy on September 12. On January 23, 2023, the understudy sadly died subsequent to being hit by another SPD official as they were going across the road.

Who is Daniel Auderer?

Daniel Auderer is the VP of the Seattle Cops Society. He went under extreme examination for snickering at the demise of 23-year-old Indian alumni understudy, Jaahnavi Kandula.

On January 23, 2023, Kandula, an alumni understudy from Andhra Pradesh who was signed up for Northeastern College’s School of Designing, unfortunately died. She was legally going across the road when SPD official Kevin Dave struck her, causing an impact at 74 mph that sent her falling 138 feet from the convergence of Dexter Road and Thomas Road.

Official Auderer can be heard sneeringly saying in the video, “50 miles 60 minutes… isn’t crazy,” concerning the distance Kandula was flung. He scoffed, “It’s simply a normal individual,” he went on unfeelingly. Based on Kandula’s age, he then insensitively suggested that a settlement of $11,000 would be adequate.

Jason Rantz, a moderate live radio moderator from KTTH-AM, has recognized that he talked with Auderer and that Auderer gave a composed assertion to the city’s Office of Police Responsibility. Auderer added that Solan had communicated lament for the miserable occurrence in this proclamation. Auderer said that his remarks were expected to emulate how the city’s legal counselors might attempt to limit liability regarding the misfortune.

As per Auderer, who expressed, “I planned the remark as a joke of legal counselors. I snickered at the ludicrousness of how these occurrences are disputed and at the silliness of how I watched these episodes work out as two gatherings deal over a misfortune.”

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