Who is Danny Masterson’s ex-girlfriend, Bobette Riales?

Bobette Riales blamed entertainer Danny Masterson for rape in 2017
Masterson had to deal with lawful penalties following allegations from Riales and others
Riales’ activities turned out to be essential for the #MeToo development, starting discussions about industry responsibility

Bobette Riales, an ex of entertainer Danny Masterson, arose as a vital figure in the rape claims against the previous That ’70s Show star.


Amidst the charges encompassing entertainer Danny Masterson, one name arose noticeably – Bobette Riales. She was any ex as well as a critical figure in the rape allegations that shook Masterson’s life and profession.

Who is Bobette Riales?

The discussion started in 2017 when a few ladies approached, blaming Masterson for rape occurrences that supposedly happened in the mid 2000s. Four ladies at first made these cases in Walk 2017, which was trailed by a fifth lady in December of that very year. Among them was Bobette Riales.

In December 2017, Riales took to Twitter to end her quiet, strikingly expressing, “I kept silent long enough. Danny Masterson over and over assaulted me. All I look for is equity and to keep this from truly happening to any other person as it has for quite a while. My reality will be heard.” She additionally communicated help for Chrissie Bixler, another informer, and utilized hashtags like #metoo and #sisters to join the more extensive development against rape.

Riales’ choice to stand up added a critical aspect to the continuous fight in court. Her mental fortitude in openly blaming Masterson for rape sent shockwaves through media outlets and carried further regard for the case. Her case, alongside those of different informers, prompted Masterson being accused in June 2020 of supposedly assaulting three ladies. The entertainer had argued not liable to these charges, making way for a high-profile legitimate standoff.

Bobette Riales’ choice to approach was viewed as a critical second in the #MeToo development, which planned to resolve issues of lewd behavior and attack in the business. Her activities resounded with survivors around the world.

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