Who is Dima Tower? Ukrainian adoptee kills Florida adoptive parents

Dima Pinnacle is a 21-year-old Ukrainian adoptee who stands blamed for lethally wounding his new parents, Robbie and Jennifer Pinnacle
The episode occurred in their North Port, Florida, home
Notwithstanding being embraced to give a superior life to him, Dima purportedly attempted to adjust and showed rough way of behaving

Dima Pinnacle, matured 21, a Ukrainian adoptee, has been accused of the killings of his new parents, Robbie Pinnacle, 49, and Jennifer Pinnacle, 51 in North Port, Florida. The episode unfurled when Dima Pinnacle purportedly cut his new parents in their Florida home on a pivotal Friday. Following the grim demonstration, he drove the police on an eight-hour manhunt before his inevitable capture on Saturday morning.


Who is Dima Pinnacle?

Dima Pinnacle is a 21-year-old Ukrainian adoptee who stands blamed for lethally cutting his new parents, Robbie and Jennifer Pinnacle, in their North Port, Florida, home.

Robbie and Jennifer Pinnacle, a Christian minister couple who likewise functioned as realtors locally, had taken on Dima a long time back from a Ukrainian halfway house where he had experienced physical maltreatment.

In spite of their profoundly strict convictions and their endeavors to give him love, Dima Pinnacle supposedly attempted to adjust to his new life in the US, showing upsetting and fierce way of behaving.

The sickening occasions started when a neighbor detailed hearing somebody beating on her entryway, shouting for help. Upon examination, the occupant found blood splashes on the ground yet nobody in sight. The police showed up at the Pinnacle home, where they tracked down Dima Pinnacle outside the home with blood on his garments. Disregarding police requests to freeze, he escaped in his vehicle, driving officials on a rapid pursuit.

The emotional pursuit in the end prompted Dima Pinnacle’s catch after he escaped by walking and concealed in a lush region. Inside the Pinnacle’s home, agents found the inert bodies of Robbie and Jennifer Pinnacle, apparently situated no holds barred on their lounge floor, encompassed by pools of blood.

While the thought process in the killings stays hazy, relatives uncovered that this was not the principal occasion of Dima Pinnacle going after his new parents. Supposedly, quite a while back, Dima had left his dad with a bruised eye, provoking Robbie to momentarily send him to family members. Be that as it may, the couple pardoned him and invited him back into their home.

Robbie and Jennifer Pinnacle embraced Dima to save him from the brutal states of the Ukrainian halfway house where he experienced physical maltreatment and disregard. Regardless of their earnest attempts and thoughtful gestures, Dima purportedly battled to fit in and had a background marked by forceful way of behaving.

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