Who is Francesco Marlett, Prince George’s County police officer caught kissing woman while on duty?

Marlett is a top of the line cop at Ruler George’s District, Maryland’s police division
The cop has this present time been suspended for the third opportunity from the police force
This time it’s because of his viral video of embracing and kissing a unidentified lady working

Twitter clients have been sharing a video of Sovereign George’s Province (PG Region) official Francesco Marlett getting into a squad car while on the job with an anonymous lady.


On Monday, September 4, the video appeared on TikTok and from that point forward, it has moved to other web-based entertainment locales. It portrays a working cop having a sexual experience with a mysterious lady at a kids’ park prior to going with her to the squad car. The official was at last distinguished as Francesco Marlett by the PG District police division.

Who is Francesco Marlett?

Francesco Marlett, a recognized cop serving in the Sovereign George’s District, Maryland police division, has as of late been suspended for the third time during his vocation. This most recent suspension was a consequence of a viral video portraying him taking part in a cozy hug and kiss with a unidentified lady while on the job, trailed by entering the back of a vehicle with her.

Before this, Marlett had confronted two past suspensions. In 2016, he was suspended without pay in the wake of being accused of youngster misuse, explicitly blamed for seriously beating his then-sweetheart’s three-year-old child to the place of obviousness. Nonetheless, the charges against him were subsequently dropped for some mysterious reason.

His subsequent suspension happened in May 2023 and went on for a month. This time, he confronted charges of abusive behavior at home. Remarkably, Marlett was permitted to continue his obligations a month after the fact in June.

The video that has collected consideration highlights Marlett participating in a friendly hug and kiss with a lady close to a left squad car. This experience happens across the road from a gathering of youngsters who are playing close by. Subsequent to waiting by the vehicle for some time, they ultimately continue toward the vehicle’s back entryway, with the cop putting his hand on the lady’s shoulders.

It’s quite significant that the lady in the video is wearing a noteworthy way as she opens the back entryway of the police cruiser. The two then, at that point, enter the vehicle, and the video reaches a conclusion.

Fox 5 figured out how to find the person who posted the video on TikTok. As per their record, their cousin recorded the video while they were at Southlawn area park in Oxon Slope.

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