Who is Gabriela Cavallin? Manchester United Antony accused of sexual assault by ex-girlfriend

Gabriela Cavallin blames Manchester Joined’s Antony for misuse, including envy and provocation
Lawful activities have been started in Brazil and the UK
Antony denies bad behavior, anticipating examination results

Gabriela Cavallin, the previous sweetheart of Manchester Joined winger Antony, has approached with serious charges of physical and psychological mistreatment, including an occurrence where Antony purportedly flew into a desirous fury over virtual entertainment movement. These claims have shaken the football world and have prompted lawful move being initiated by Gabriela Cavallin.


Who is Gabriela Cavallin?

Gabriela Cavallin is a DJ and a force to be reckoned with. Cavallin’s allegations against Antony have revealed insight into a wild relationship marked by upsetting episodes. The 23-year-old Brazilian footballer is confronting claims of both physical and psychological mistreatment. Among the claims made by Gabriela is an episode where Antony sent her a flood of 13 offending messages in the range of only one moment.

Moreover, it is accounted for that Antony responded with outrage when Gabriela collaborated with online entertainment posts highlighting Neymar, a dear companion of Antony. Messages sent by Antony supposedly included unforgiving articulations, for example, “I never need to see you before me again in my life. Ludicrous. Guys can’t see. You’re nauseating.”

Sound accounts have additionally been delivered in which Antony apologizes for his whimsical way of behaving and argues for absolution. Nonetheless, the charges recommend an example of oppressive way of behaving, remembering the obliteration of Gabriela’s telephone for two separate events, with observers offering proof to help these cases.

The Neymar-related episode referenced in the claims rotates around Gabriela’s collaborations with posts made by Neymar’s dear companion, Gil Cebola, which Antony saw as tricky. He is said to have scrutinized her enjoying and remarking on such posts.

In the midst of these claims, Gabriela is chasing after legitimate activity, with Brazilian distribution UOL accessing photographs, cell phone screen captures, and her nitty gritty record of the supposed maltreatment.

Antony, in light of the allegations, put out an announcement in June eagerly denying any bad behavior. He refered to his quiet until that point, making sense of, “I remained quiet until the second so that nothing could disrupt the examination cycle.”

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