Who is Keanna Rosenburgh? Suspect identified in Lower Downtown shooting in Denver

A suspect has been recognized in the shooting in lower downtown in Denver
The occurrence left five individuals harmed
The suspect has been distinguished as Keanna Rosenburgh

A suspect has been distinguished in the shooting in Lower Downtown in Denver last end of the week. The episode left five individuals harmed. The suspect has been distinguished as Keanna Rosenburgh.


The Denver Police Office (DPD) has asked the general population for help in viewing as her.

Who is Keanna Rosenburgh?

Keanna Rosenburgh has been named as the shooter in the shooting that happened on September 16, the Denver Police Office (DPD) declared on Thursday. A warrant for her capture has been given by the experts because of eight counts of endeavored first-degree murder. There are five counts for the individuals who were shot straightforwardly and three counts for each and every individual who was close by at the hour of the event yet got away sound.

The shooting occurred on Market Road, all the more particularly in the 1900 block in the early long periods of Saturday night. Police examinations uncovered that a lady was first gotten some distance from a club attributable to issues with her ID. She left however returned promptly for one more visit with the safety officers.

Five individuals were harmed because of the lady wielding a weapon and discharging it over and over toward the club after she left for the subsequent time. Specialists guarantee that it is conceivable that these casualties were not the expected casualties.

Officials, some of whom were off the clock however close by, immediately responded after the shooting and found a sum of five grown-up casualties. The harmed individuals were immediately taken to the emergency clinic after the police confirmed that their injuries were not dangerous.

As indicated by dispatch sound, the episode occurred beyond Dierks Bentley’s Bourbon Column. Anybody with data looking into it is mentioned to call Wrongdoing Plugs or present a tip on the web. The sources have the decision to stay unknown and could be equipped for a compensation of up to $2,000 for their help.

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