Who is Luke Rockwell, TikTok star arrested for sex abuse of minor in Thailand

Luke Rockwell is 29
Rockwell has 1.3 million devotees on TikTok
Post the rape claim, Rockwell has made his record private

TikTok star and educator Luke Rockwell was confined in Thailand for purportedly having intercourse with an adolescent and recording it.


Who is Luke Rockwell?

As per the Bangkok Post, a mother charged Luke Rockwell, 29, of engaging in sexual relations with her 16-year-old little girl while the Florida man was showing youngsters English in Bangkok. Rockwell has 1.3 million devotees on TikTok and was captured on Sunday in the Wattana Area. In 2021, Rockwell stood out as truly newsworthy when he posted recordings in which he claimed that the Philippines was perhaps of the most bigoted country on the planet.

The mother, who decided to stay mysterious, let police know that before their relationship became physical, Rockwell and her girl had been informing each other. They had been companions for just about five months.

As indicated by the grumbling that the Bangkok Post had the option to gather, the powerhouse supposedly additionally recorded their sexual meetings.

At the point when the mother found out about the supposed connection among Rockwell and her kid, she cautioned the Branch of Government assistance for Youngsters and Ladies, who teamed up with police from the Khlong Tan station to put the English educator apprehended.

“My little girl guaranteed that Educator Luke utilized assurance whenever they first engaged in sexual relations, however that he quit doing so a short time later. She genuinely trusted him,” the mother told the Mail.

She was told to stay quiet about everything until she arrived at 18 by educator Luke. He guaranteed my little girl that he cherished her and would invite her into his home once she was as of now not a kid, the source proceeded.

Rockwell supposedly gave the adolescent sexually transmitted diseases, as per police, albeit neither they nor they have remarked on this. The examination concerning Rockwell is as yet continuous, as per authorities.

Rockwell is blamed for “taking a minor north of 15 however not more than 18 years old away from a parent, watchman or guardian without legitimate reason for foulness,” regardless of the way that the lawful time of assent in Thailand is 15. He could spend as long as a decade in prison and pay fines of $560 USD.

Following his capture, Rockwell’s once-energetic online entertainment profile was changed to private. The Florida inhabitant amassed a sizable fan base on TikTok, where he shared recordings of himself giving English examples.

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