Who is Mason Sisk? Alabama teen sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of parents and three siblings

Artisan Sisk, 18, shot his folks and three more youthful kin in the head on September 2, 2019 in Elkmont, Alabama
The adjudicator depicted his wrongdoing as ‘loathsome, upsetting and hung in ridiculous wickedness’
The high school executioner who was 14 at the hour of his severe wrongdoing accepted his sentence on Thursday

A 18-year-old from Alabama has been given a lifelong incarceration for the homicide of his five relatives in 2019.


Who is Artisan Sisk?

Artisan Sisk, who was 14 years of age at the hour of the shocking demonstration, lethally shot his folks and three more youthful kin in Elkmont, Alabama, on September 2, 2019.

The condemning, which occurred on Thursday, was conveyed by Limestone Region Circuit Judge Chad Wise, who portrayed the wrongdoing as “unpleasant, upsetting, and hung in absolute underhanded.”

Sisk was viewed as at legitimate fault for four counts of capital homicide for the passings of his dad, John Sisk, matured 38, supportive mother, Mary Sisk, matured 35, and more youthful kin Kane, matured 6, Rorrie, matured 4, and Colson, only a half year old. The jury arrived at its decision in less than two hours.

Since Sisk was underneath the age of 18 when he carried out the homicides, he was not qualified for capital punishment.

During the condemning, relatives of the casualties gave casualty influence articulations in July. Mary Sisk’s brother, Douglas Prater, described the sad misfortune and how gifts implied for the family must be put in coffins all things being equal.

Another relative, Katie, tended to Artisan, expressing that their grandma at first couldn’t really accept that he was the culprit until the proof ended up being irrefutable. She communicated sadness over the deficiency of the Bricklayer they once knew.

A companion of John Sisk alluded to Bricklayer as a “geeky kid” who minded his own business. While there were claims of abuse by John, it was called attention to that Bricklayer took out his resentment on the whole family.

Video film of Sisk’s admission uncovered that he carried out the homicides since he was “tired” with the steady family clashes. The preliminary highlighted 31 observers, and attendants heard declaration from state observer specialist Johnny Morrell, who talked about the case’s proof and Sisk’s admission, which came after broadened addressing by previous Sheriff Mike Blakely.

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