Who is Mathew Scott Flores? Man charged with first-degree murder in connection to death of Gary Levin

A man distinguished has for the homicide of Gary Levin, a 74-year-old Lyft driver
The 36-year-old denounced has been distinguished as Mathew Scott Flores
He is blamed for first-degree murder, theft with a gun, and firearm ownership alongside first-degree murder accusation

A man recognized as Mathew Scott Flores has been captured after a first-degree murder grievance has been carried against him regarding the sad passing of Gary Levin, a 74-year-old Lyft driver.


The Florida Branch of Policing a question and answer session where they gave more insights regarding the capture in Boynton Ocean side on Wednesday.

Who is Mathew Scott Flores?

Mathew Scott Flores is 36 years of age. Flores is blamed for first-degree murder, burglary with a gun, and firearm ownership by a criminal with an earlier conviction, notwithstanding the first-degree murder accusation.

On January 30, Palm Ocean side Nurseries occupant Gary Levin disappeared in the wake of getting a traveler in Delray Ocean side and dropping off a traveler in Okeechobee in his red Kia Stinger.

Specialists uncovered that Flores was caught in North Carolina while working Levin’s Kia Stinger a few days after Levin disappeared and amidst an enormous area wide hunt. Police in North Carolina partook in an almost 50-mile rapid pursuit on the public’s parkways before at long last finding and capturing Flores in the wake of driving him over the street.

Policing have affirmed that Flores, who was evading policing association with an alternate manslaughter case in Focal Florida, was the traveler being referred to. Specialists with the police authorities accept that Flores lethally shot Levin inside the vehicle subsequent to showing up in Okeechobee.

In a provincial area of Okeechobee, specialists tracked down Levin’s remaining parts on February 4. Specialists referred to his demise as “chilly, silly, and completely needless” and portrayed it as a merciless removal. As indicated by the FDLE, Flores took “about three or four distinct vehicles” while endeavoring to keep away from location. In August, Flores was thusly gotten back to Florida from North Carolina. His arraignment will happen in Okeechobee District.

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