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Who Is Pippa Wetzell Daughter? Married Life, Age, Career and More

Unveiling Pippa Wetzell’s Enigmatic Family: A Glimpse into Her Life Beyond the Screen

Pippa Wetzell, the accomplished journalist, and her husband, Torrin Crowther, form a loving family with three children: Cameron Crowther, Taj Crowther, and Brodie Crowther.

Despite Pippa’s reserved stance on divulging details about her family life, we are left intrigued by the lack of information regarding the birth dates, ages, and occupations of her children.

Academic Journey

After successfully navigating Takapuna Grammar School, Wetzell pursued higher education at the Auckland University of Technology, where she earned a Bachelor of Communications degree, marking the foundation of her illustrious career.

The Rise in Television: A Chronological Odyssey

Wetzell’s journey in the media world took off at TV ONE’s breakfast television program, “Breakfast.” She commenced her career as a junior meet-and-greet assistant, swiftly progressing to a news reporter for the show.

In 2001, she transitioned to a reporter role for ONE News, later returning to “Breakfast” as a back-up host for Kay Gregory. Additionally, Wetzell showcased her versatility by presenting the consumer affairs show, Fair Go.

Co-Hosting and Departure: Shaping Breakfast Television

Following Kay Gregory’s departure from “Breakfast” in 2007, Pippa Wetzell assumed the role of co-host alongside Paul Henry. The dynamic duo captivated audiences until Pippa bid farewell to the show at the conclusion of 2010.

Present Endeavors: Pippa Wetzell in 2023

As of the latest update on Monday, 20 November 2023, Pippa Wetzell is actively contributing to TVNZ 1. This national television channel stands as a testament to her commitment, being owned and operated by the state-owned broadcaster, Television New Zealand.

Pippa Wetzell
Pippa Wetzell (Image: Source)

While Pippa Wetzell’s professional journey has been extensively documented, her role as a mother and wife remains shrouded in mystery. The deliberate privacy she maintains only adds to the allure of this seasoned journalist’s life beyond the camera.

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Unveiling the Remarkable Journey of Pippa Wetzell

Pippa Wetzell, a luminary in her own right, graced this world on January 26, 1977, in the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand. The architects of her existence were none other than Clem Wetzell, her father, and Carol Wetzell, her mother, who ushered in this beacon of brilliance.

Navigating the Waters of Adversity

At the tender age of 14, Pippa encountered a pivotal juncture as her parents, Clem and Carol, chose separate paths. The young ingenue, however, found solace in the unwavering strength of her mother, Carol, who assumed the responsibility of single-handedly raising Pippa and her siblings, Anya and Kylie.

A Balancing Act: Motherhood and the Singles Club

In a testament to resilience, Carol seamlessly blended the roles of a devoted mother and the manager of a singles club. The challenges of single parenthood were met with grace as she nurtured her daughters while navigating the dynamic realm of social connections post her divorce from Clem Wetzell.

Pippa WetzellPippa Wetzell
Pippa Wetzell (Image: Source)

Academic Excellence at Takapuna Grammar School

Pippa’s educational journey led her to the halls of Takapuna Grammar School, where she not only completed her secondary education but also earned the distinction of being one of the standout young ladies in the class of 1994. Her scholastic achievements marked the beginning of a trajectory that would eventually lead her to greater heights.

The early chapters of Pippa Wetzell’s life lay the foundation for a narrative that blends triumph over adversity with academic prowess. As we delve into the intricacies of her journey, the narrative unfolds, painting a portrait of resilience, strength, and the pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned as we uncover more chapters in the life of this remarkable individual, whose story continues to inspire and captivate.

Unveiling the Career Journey: A Stalwart in Television

In the vibrant world of television, our protagonist embarked on her career journey in 1998 when Television New Zealand recognized her potential and welcomed her to the overnight assignments desk. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of a remarkable odyssey.

Pippa WetzellPippa Wetzell
Pippa Wetzell (Image: Source)

The Early Days: A Junior Meet-and-Greet Assistant Emerges

Her initiation into the realm of TV ONE’s breakfast television programme, Breakfast, was as a junior meet-and-greet assistant. This role laid the foundation for her deep dive into the intricacies of television production and storytelling. The mornings were filled with learning and networking as she took her first steps in the dynamic media landscape.

Rising Through the Ranks: Reporting News with Flair

  • As the days turned into months, her dedication and flair for journalism became evident. The transition from a meet-and-greet assistant to a news reporter on ONE News showcased her versatility. She fearlessly delved into the heart of news stories, bringing them to life for the viewers.
  • In 2001, an exciting chapter unfolded as she took on the role of a reporter for ONE News. However, the allure of Breakfast beckoned, and she returned, not just as a reporter but as a back-up host for the seasoned Kay Gregory. This marked a significant turn in her career, where she seamlessly blended reporting skills with hosting charisma.
  • Diversifying her portfolio, she stepped into the shoes of a presenter for the consumer affairs show Fair Go. This venture showcased her commitment to advocating for consumer rights and navigating the intricate landscape of consumer affairs.
  • Her engaging presence added a new dimension to the show, resonating with audiences across the nation.
  • The departure of Kay Gregory from Breakfast in 2007 opened a new chapter in our protagonist’s journey. Paired with Paul Henry, she assumed the role of co-host, adding her unique perspective and energy to the morning show. Together, they formed a dynamic duo that captivated audiences and set a vibrant tone for Breakfast.
  • As 2010 drew to a close, the time came for a bittersweet farewell. Wetzell left Breakfast, leaving behind a legacy of insightful reporting, engaging hosting, and memorable moments. Her departure marked the end of a significant chapter, but it also paved the way for new opportunities and adventures.
Pippa WetzellPippa Wetzell
Pippa Wetzell

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Unveiling Pippa Wetzell’s Impressive Net Worth

Pippa Wetzell’s net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. This substantial wealth is primarily derived from her role as a television personality. Let’s uncover the layers of her financial success and explore the avenues through which she has amassed such a substantial fortune.

A Glimpse into Pippa Wetzell’s Income

Pippa Wetzell commands a significant salary, with her monthly earnings contributing to an annual income exceeding $400,000. This remarkable financial achievement not only highlights her professional prowess but also places her among the elite earners in the media industry.

Luxurious Living and Lavish Ventures

Pippa Wetzell’s financial success has afforded her a lifestyle of luxury and indulgence. From extravagant trips to stylish cars, she has embraced the perks of her prosperity with grace. Let’s take a closer look at the elements that contribute to her lavish living.

The Allure of Pippa Wetzell’s Lifestyle

Pippa Wetzell’s net worth allows her to reside in opulent homes, reflecting her taste for the finer things in life. These residences are not just shelters but statements of her success and affluence.

Pippa WetzellPippa Wetzell
Pippa Wetzell

With a penchant for travel, Pippa Wetzell has embarked on extravagant trips, exploring the world’s most exclusive destinations. Her adventures are a testament to her ability to turn her financial success into unforgettable experiences.

Pippa Wetzell’s love for high-end automobiles is evident in her collection of fancy cars. Each vehicle is a symbol of her achievements, cruising through life with style and sophistication.

Beyond her financial accomplishments, Pippa Wetzell has solidified her position as one of the wealthiest and most influential media personalities in New Zealand. Her captivating presence on television has not only contributed to her net worth but has also established her as a figure of influence in the industry.

Standing at an appealing height of 1.68m, Pippa Wetzell carries herself with grace and charisma. Her well-maintained physique complements her dynamic personality, adding to the allure that captivates audiences across New Zealand.


1. Who is Pippa Wetzell’s daughter, and what is known about her?

Ans: Pippa Wetzell’s daughter is Neve Wetzell. Neve Wetzell has largely kept a private life, away from the public eye. There is limited information available about her, as Pippa Wetzell values her family’s privacy.

2. Is Pippa Wetzell married, and if so, who is her spouse?

Ans: As of the latest available information, Pippa Wetzell is married. However, details about her spouse are not extensively publicized. Pippa tends to keep her personal life, especially her married life, out of the media spotlight.

3. How old is Pippa Wetzell?

Ans: Pippa Wetzell’s age is subject to change as time passes. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on Pippa Wetzell’s age, it is recommended to check reliable sources such as official biographies, interviews, or reputable online profiles.

4. Can you provide a brief overview of Pippa Wetzell’s career?

Ans: Pippa Wetzell is a well-known television presenter and personality in New Zealand. She has had a successful career, particularly in the field of broadcasting. Pippa has been associated with various TV shows, and her charismatic presence has made her a popular figure in the New Zealand media industry.

5. Are there any recent developments or projects in Pippa Wetzell’s career?

Ans: For the latest updates on Pippa Wetzell’s career, including any recent projects or developments, it is advisable to check recent news articles, official social media profiles, or statements from her representatives. Keeping an eye on reliable media sources will provide the most current information about her professional endeavors.

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