Who is Roda Bashe? GoFundMe started for Somali woman hit with brick in Houston, Texas

Roda Bashe, a Somali worker in Houston, mercilessly went after in the wake of declining to share her telephone number
Onlookers didn’t mediate as she was hit with a block, causing serious wounds
Confronting doctor’s visit expenses and treatment, she looks for equity and local area support through GoFundMe

Roda Bashe has been distinguished as the Somali worker lady who wound up at the focal point of a fierce squabble in Houston, Texas. The occurrence has mixed web-based entertainment, and a GoFundMe crusade has been sent off for Bashe.


Who is Roda Bashe?

Roda Bashe, a single parent and understudy, encountered a demonstration of brutality in Houston, Texas. She was moved toward by a new man who requested her telephone number. At the point when she declined his advances, the circumstance swelled into a savage attack.

The aggressor, who stays unidentified, utilized a block to strike Roda in the face, leaving her with serious physical and profound injuries. Observers didn’t mediate, and the attacker ran away from the area.

GoFundMe crusade

The GoFundMe has been started by Kiara Davis who professes to be her companion. Up to this point, $17,168 USD has been raised of $25,000 objective.

As per the GoFund page, in the consequence of the attack, Roda faces an overwhelming arrangement of difficulties. She should battle with mounting hospital expenses, treatment to help her physical and mental recuperation, and a delayed nonappearance from work, school, and childcare – all during a crucial time in her life.

Roda has decided to share a video of the attack via web-based entertainment with an end goal to bring issues to light about her experience and look for equity. In doing as such, she connects with the web-based local area for help, featuring the significance of aggregate sympathy and help with such circumstances.

At this point, the personality of the aggressor stays obscure and the Houston Police Division shuns remarking on the episode.

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