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On Tuesday, a Georgian lady Shontover Kirkland conceded careless way of behaving and two includes of compulsory homicide comparable to the unfortunate passings of two men in 2021.

Shontover Kirkland, 32, who has been recognized as the suspect in the passings of Eynn Wilson and Edward Kirk Jr. on Clarks Hill Lake in Lincoln County, handed herself over to policing September 2021 to confront arraignment. She is going to jail after two dads lost their lives in the lake because of a “trick.”


The disastrous occasion occurred at a boat party, and a portion of its recording was recorded. Preceding the current week’s appointed authority’s condemning, officials captured her in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Jail.

Who Is Shontover Kirkland? The Prank Video Has Gone Viral Shontover Kirkland, a lady of Augusta, Georgia, conceded to thoughtless way of behaving and inadvertent murder. Following a joke that turned deadly, she will serve a year in jail.

As indicated by an AP News report, the warrants blame Kirkland for pushing Kirk Jr. into profound, cold water without considering whether he could swim, which is asserted to be what at last prompted his demise. She is additionally blamed for being liable for Wilson’s passing.

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The boats were moored and roped together at Clarks Hill Lake on April 25, 2021, according to WRDW. She had rented two boats that day. Edward Kirk and Eynn Wilson, closest companions, were among a gathering on the boats with Kirkland.


According to declaration given in court by a Georgia Bureau of Investigation examiner, video taken from the boat showed Kirkland tossing Kirk and a lady wearing a day to day existence coat into the water. Wilson dove in to save Kirk in light of the fact that the man couldn’t swim. The two of them battled submerged, and neither surfaced.

Days after the fact, plunge groups examining the locale tracked down the bodies of Kirk and Wilson. During her declaration at the court, Kirkland apologized and asserted that the fatalities were a mishap.

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Because of the two Augusta men’s 2021 drownings, Kirkland was charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with two charges of compulsory homicide and one count of foolish direct. Shontover Kirkland entered a blameworthy request to two counts of compulsory murder on Tuesday, according to various nearby news sources in the Augusta region.

Shontover Kirkland was given a year in jail and nine years of probation by the adjudicator.

Edward Kirk and Eynn Wilson Family Injustice Reaction Recordings from the boat party give different accounts of how the men wound up on the lake. Two boats appeared to be moored next to each other in the water. Per the recording, Edward “E.J.” Kirk was driven into the water. Somebody then, at that point, shouts, “They can’t swim!

As per WRDW, Kirkland communicated her responsibility for her lead, which prompted these tragedies, to the groups of the people in question. Krickland’s one-year jail term is apparently insufficient for her loved ones.