Who Owns Alastors Soul? Hazbin Hotel Theory on Lease With Lilith

After the release of the Hazbin Hotel episode five, a major question related to Alastros has arisen among the viewers. Every viewer is concerned about who exactly owns the soul of Alastors. So, let’s explore.

The Amazon Prime adult animated series Hazbin Hotel premiered worldwide on January 18, 2024.

Directed by Vivienne Medrano, the series revolves around the crown princess of Hell, Charlie Morningstar.

Further, the show presents her quest to find a way for sinners to be rehabilitated and granted to heaven.

To achieve this goal, she opened a center called Hazbin Hotel where sinned souls can transform.

Meanwhile, with the overcrowding of Hell and the upcoming threat of annual extermination, Charlie tries to create alternative paths for those souls.

Moreover, as it continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the series’ plot has caused debates about who possibly owns the soul of Alastors.

More About The Plot Of Hazbin Hotel: Explained In Detail

Before concluding about the owner of Alastors’ soul, let’s discover more about the series Hazbin Hotel.

The musical comedy streaming television series unfolds the story of Charlie’s journey to fulfill her impossible dream of opening a hotel called Hazbin Hotel.

Hazbin hotel characters captured including alastors.
Hazban Hotel presents the story of evil souls doomed in Hell. (Source: YouTube)

The plot begins by introducing viewers to the main character, Charlie, the princess of Hell and the daughter of Lucifer.

It initially presents the vibrant and chaotic world of Hell, where demons and sinners reside.

Further, as the series unfolds, it presents the dark side of Hell, exploring the back stories of the souls residing there.

Meanwhile, with its animated graphics and intelligent dialogue, the series portrays the violent and disturbing behavior of the characters.

Similarly, as the story progresses, viewers are presented with the mess of the character’s friendships, betrayals, and struggles.

With every episode, the whole story leads to a huge fight where all the characters wonder about their beliefs and what it takes for forgiveness.

Nevertheless, the series has interesting characters and mind-blowing plot twists.

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One Of The Series’ Characters, Alastors: Who Is He?

Alastor, also known as The Radio Demon, is one of the main characters in the series Hazbin Hotel.

He is a powerful and mysterious demon with a charming attitude but enjoys causing pain to others.

Alastor captured smiling.
Alastors is one of the most powerful characters in the show. (Source: YouTube)

Further, he is widely famous for his radio-style appearance and abilities and his ability to manipulate sound waves and communication devices.

He likes chaos and causing trouble but always pretends to be a friend while secretly working for his dreams.

Despite his friendly nature, Alastor is a powerful character in Hell who is respected and feared by others.

Although his past story is not disclosed in the series, looking at his abilities and powers, many speculate he may have made a deal with someone in exchange for his soul.

This speculation has further raised a question of who truly owns the soul of Alastors.

Nevertheless, Alastors is a fun but mighty character that is unpredictable in various situations.

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Who Owns Alastor’s Soul? Hazbin Hotel Theory On Lease With Lilith

With the increasing viewership of the series Hazbin Hotel, viewers are left uncertain about who owns Alastor’s soul.

However, different theories have emerged regarding the uncertainty, firing up debates all across social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

The soul giver of Hazbin Hotel, Alastors flying in air.
The owner of Alastors’ soul is currently undisclosed to the public.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular theories suggests Lilith is the one who owns the soul of Alastors, as they both disappeared seven years ago.

Although many have argued regarding the theory and don’t believe her as such a powerful entity to do such so.

However, Lilith might have a fifty-fifty chance of owning Alastor’s soul. Similarly, many other theories suggest the dark voodoo god, Damballa, as the one who owns the soul of Alastors.

Nevertheless, we cannot conclude anything related to the owner of Alastor’s soul unless the show makers decide to reveal it.

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