Who was Henryk Siwiak, 9/11 unsolved murder victim?

Henryk Siwiak, a Clean outsider, stays the main strange homicide survivor of 9/11
Siwiak had moved to the US, leaving his significant other and kids in Poland
No suspects have been recognized in more than twenty years

Henryk Siwiak’s story remains as an impactful update in the midst of the occasions of 9/11 in New York City. As the solitary perplexing homicide casualty from that awful day, his case keeps on confounding specialists even following 22 years. A Clean settler in quest for the Pursuit of happiness, Siwiak’s process took an unfortunate turn when he met his troublesome end in the city of Brooklyn. In spite of tenacious endeavors by the NYPD, the secret encompassing his demise perseveres, leaving his family with waiting inquiries and a significant feeling of misfortune.


Who was Henryk Siwiak?

Henryk Siwiak, a Clean worker, holds a serious differentiation as the main perplexing homicide casualty from the 9/11 assaults in New York City. He was lethally shot in Brooklyn right then and there. Notwithstanding the section of 22 years, the NYPD proceeds to explore the case, looking for new prompts give replies to Siwiak’s lamenting family effectively.

Siwiak had as of late moved to the US, leaving his better half and two kids in Poland, in quest for a more promising time to come. On 9/11, subsequent to seeing the assaults, he critically looked for work. This drove him to a cleaning position at a Pathmark supermarket in Brooklyn. Sadly, he never came to his shift.

The conditions encompassing Siwiak’s passing stay a secret. Some accept it might have been a messed up theft, while others theorize he was confused with a psychological militant. In any case, the case stays perplexing, without any suspects or captures after over twenty years.

Investigator Tom Joyce, who managed the case at that point, has required a new assessment, trusting that cutting edge innovation and new viewpoints might reveal insight into reality. The examination was ruined in its beginning phases because of restricted assets and witness hesitance.

Siwiak’s family keeps on grieving his misfortune, loving recollections of his giggling and the delight he brought to their lives. Every year, they hold services in Krakow, regarding his memory close by the bigger 9/11 misfortune. The NYPD offers a prize for data prompting the goal of the case, highlighting their obligation to tracking down equity for Henryk Siwiak.

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