Who was Rick O’Brien? RCMP Officer killed in Coquitlam shooting

RCMP Constable Rick O’Brien was lethally shot during a court order activity in Coquitlam
O’Brien, a regarded and serious official, had served for a very long time
The occurrence highlights the perils cops face day to day

In Coquitlam, a simple 30 kilometers east of Vancouver, a standard execution of a court order took a unimaginable turn. The Illustrious Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officials included had set out on their central goal to keep up with the rule of law, however the day would come full circle in unfathomable distress.


RCMP Constable Rick O’Brien was shot and killed while doing his obligation, while two of his kindred officials endured wounds in the line of administration. This tragic episode sent shockwaves through the local area and made a permanent imprint on the RCMP.

Who Was Rick O’Brien?

RCMP Constable Rick O’Brien, matured 51, hailed from the Edge Knolls separation, where he had separated himself as a beautified official. His new festival of seven years of administration was stopped sadly, abandoning a lamenting spouse and youngsters. Rick O’Brien was not only a committed official; he was likewise a devoted family man, a mainstay of his local area, and a cherished figure among his friends.

Representative Magistrate Dwayne McDonald, Superior of the B.C. RCMP, remained before the press to convey the inauspicious news. His voice shuddered with melancholy as he discussed the tremendous misfortune felt by the RCMP family and the local area they served. “This is a very troublesome and appalling day,” he started, his words burdened by the weightiness of the circumstance. “Const. O’Brien showed others how its done,” McDonald proceeded, “He had an extraordinary funny bone, he was very much regarded by his friends, and he was cherished locally.”

In spite of the brave endeavors of people on call who hurried to the scene, Const. O’Brien surrendered to his wounds on the very ground where he had served and safeguarded for a long time. Among the harmed, one official and the suspect were hospitalized with non-hazardous wounds, while one more official was treated for minor wounds and thusly delivered.

As the local area and the RCMP family wrestled with the shock of this unexpected misfortune, two separate examinations were sent off to disentangle the conditions encompassing Const. O’Brien’s passing. The Free Murder Examinations Group embraced the grave assignment of looking for reality behind the official’s inopportune downfall and the wounds supported by his associates. All the while, the Autonomous Examinations Office (IIO) started an investigation into the moves initiated by the police during the occurrence, expecting to guarantee straightforwardness and responsibility.

The IIO’s underlying discoveries illustrated a strained circumstance. Edge Glades RCMP were executing a court order in Coquitlam’s Downtown area, close to the crossing point of Pinetree Way and Glen Drive when the fight happened. This fight unfortunately prompted different officials being harmed and the suspect being shot, leaving the local area in a condition of shock and skepticism.

Onlooker accounts, presented by the individuals who had accidentally become eyewitnesses of the horrible scene, added a chilling layer of detail to the occurrence. Carley Hodges, an onlooker, related the frightening minutes, depicting the injured official and the rushed endeavors to save lives. “And afterward [there were] cops accompanying mob safeguards, battering rams, and rifles,” she highlighted, the sheer force of the circumstance.

As the examinations proceeded, the RCMP and Coquitlam City chairman Richard Stewart communicated their misery and sympathies. City chairman Stewart bemoaned the silly misfortune, stressing the official’s commitment to his obligation and the unexpected truncation of a promising vocation.

Public Wellbeing Pastor Mike Farnworth likewise gave his sympathies during a question and answer session, perceiving Const. O’Brien’s unfaltering obligation to the public’s assurance and wellbeing. He reminded the public that behind the uniform was an individual with dreams, friends and family, and yearnings, all unfortunately stopped by a silly demonstration of savagery.

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