Why Cleopatra Slots Are Worth Playing

If you have ever been in a land-based casino or in a bookmakers, and you have checked out the slot machines, you will have seen the Cleopatra slots. Developed by IGT, this game was first released for physical machines back in 2006 and came into online casinos in 2012.

This legendary game is a perennial favourite for slots players, and there are many reasons why you should check it out – whether you are a seasoned reel spinner or just getting started with these adrenaline-fuelled games.

The Need-To-Know Stats About Cleopatra Slots

  • 5 Reels
  • 3 Rows
  • 20 Paylines
  • Max Payout: 10,000 x total bet
  • Return To Player (RTP) Rate: 95.02%

All About Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra is a timeless historical figure, and this game represents all the mythology that surrounds her and the Ancient Egyptian civilisation that we are all so fascinated with

Following tremendous success in land-based casinos and other places where slot machines can be played, it was no surprise that IGT released this game to the burgeoning online casino industry in 2012. While it might not be the most modern game that you can play, it still holds up as a popular choice for players because of the simplicity and replay value.

When you first open this game, you will notice that the graphics are a bit dated – there are no 3D animations or cut scenes that you might find in newer games, but that doesn’t mean that the gameplay feels dated, however.

You won’t get a whole host of additional features in this game. Other than the 10,000 multiplier and free spins, there isn’t lots of other things like bonus games or cascading reels to consider, and this is the type of simplicity that makes it the perfect place to start if you are new to playing slots.

The Cleopatra Experience

Background, Graphics, and Music

As you might expect from the name of the game, this slot game is themed around Ancient Egypt. The reels themselves are golden, and you will see a sarcophagus in the background.

The animations as the reels spin are simple and straightforward as you might expect from a game that is more than a decade old, but the movements are generally smooth and it is satisfying to press play.

There isn’t much music in this game; there is a drum beat that plays as the reel spin and a cute tune that plays when you win, but this makes it less overwhelming while you are playing so you aren’t distracted by what is happening in the background. Some people think that the sounds in the game are a bit dated too – but fans of the game think that this adds to the classic and timeless feel that you get when you play.


Following the Ancient Egypt theme, the symbols on the reels are based around instantly recognisable objects.

Cleopatra, as the hero of the game, is obviously the highest paying symbol and she is also a ‘wild’ symbol.

You will also find paying symbols including:

  • Scarab
  • Eye of Horus
  • Hook and Flail
  • Lotus
  • Golden Tablet with Hieroglyphics

Other symbols include the typical playing card numbers (9,10,J,Q,K,A).

How to Win

As with other slot games, to win you need to land the same symbols on one of the 20 paylines. The more symbols on the paylines, the better.

The top prize comes from lining up five Cleopatra symbols – that’s the multiplier that you need to land for the max payout.

While there aren’t lots of added extras like bonus games, you can trigger free spins – and if you manage to hit the retriggers at the right time you can get 180 free spins at a time which is an impressive addition and can really add to your winnings.

RTP Rate and Volatility

The Cleopatra slot game is described as having ‘Medium Volatility.’ This means that the game will pay out relatively average amounts in a relatively average amount of time.

Low volatility slots are usually the less risky; they tend to pay out more often, but you are less likely to hit the bigger amounts or the jackpot in these payouts.

High volatility slots tend to be riskier. They pay out less often, but when they do it tends to be for higher amounts.

Choosing the right volatility for you is a personal choice, but many people are happy going for medium volatility because it is somewhere in the middle on the risk scale.

The RTP rate is 95.02%. This is a little lower than the average for online slot games (which is usually about 96%) but the difference is negligible. The RTP rate represents not only how much the slot usually pays out, but also the ‘house edge.’

With all this in mind, the Cleopatra slot is an excellent choice of game for both seasoned players who are looking for simplicity, and for fresh players who want to start with a game that doesn’t have a lot of complex and complicated rules.

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