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Ghanaian musician, Medikal has chided some people on social media who are fond of criticizing the outfits of artistes and other celebrities during programs.

According to him, he does not see the need for outfits worn by artistes to events as a concern to fashion critics, who lambast these individuals for dressing inappropriately or wearing the same attire for too long.

Speaking in an interview with Bryt TV and monitored by GhanaWeb, Medikal lambasted fashion critics for their work on social media, which tends to denigrate the image of the affected individuals or celebrities.

He recalled a moment when a fan questioned why he wore a particular shoe for events more often instead of changing it.

This is how the conversation transpired between Medikal and the show host, MC Yaa Yeboah.

MC Yaa Yeboah: A very popular guy on social media does the sneaker stinky. It is like when you wear something and then he criticises it, specifying which is fake or original. Have you heard of him?

Medikal: I see a lot of people online doing that

MC Yaa Yeboah: What is your opinion on things like that? There are instances where you feel like wearing a particular attire and then someone will sit back and criticize you from head to toe pointing out the shortcomings. When you see things like that how do you feel?

Medikal: I think people just like to criticize artistes and even their friends. But I don’t see why what I am wearing should be your problem. I have a black Nike Air Force that my manager bought for me.

I have worn it for more than 50m times but people might think I should be changing it because I am an artiste. So if I feel like wearing it, I can do so 100 times. There was a time I wore a particular shoe for an interview and a fan asked on social media why I had been wearing it all the time but I didn’t want to reply to him.

Fashion critics have become a new trend in the entertainment industry, where the outfits worn by celebrities are scrutinized.


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